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Dressing Comfortably with Style

Most women and men take at least a passing interest in their clothes, especially if they are working in a job that requires a certain kind of style.  But how many of you, especially when you are ill, take the time or energy to look stylish.  I'm not talking runway fashion, but clothes that match and enhance the way you look.  When you have little energy, dressing well is not always your number one concern.  However, I think caring about how you dress or at least pretending you do can enhance your mood.

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When I go in the bathroom and look in the mirror, I feel better about myself when my hair is well-groomed, my skin is moisturized, and I have on nice looking clothes.  I know you probably get too tired when you go shopping, so have you thought about measuring yourself and shopping online?  There are wonderful places to buy clothes for a variety of prices online.  They are not all expensive.  And if you are losing weight and you can find the energy, you could consider going to a consignment shop.  There are many places to shop in towns and online to buy affordable clothing.

Something I look for every time I shop is comfortable clothing.  Adrienne Dellwo asked her readers for input on what kinds of clothes work best for them, as well as what did not work.  She has many of her own tips as well.  Some of my favorites are:  wide waistbands, hip hugger panties that follow the natural curve of the leg, and bras without wire.  I like soft clothes and cotton clothes, things that do not irritate my skin or put too much pressure on my waist and torso.  If clothes start feeling scratchy or are too tight, I have to change.  My shoes also have to be comfortable with a good arch support.  If they are uncomfortable, they come off--that is just the way it is.  How many of you feel the same way about your clothes?

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There are several pluses with having comfortable clothes.  They are usually easy to wash:  just throw them in the washing machine and dryer.  Another neat thing is comfortable clothes can be pretty and help us feel attractive.  I like that.  I am ready to go for the day when I am dressed, even better with makeup, which hasn't happened much lately.  Unless I am having a bad flareup and my day is spent in the recliner and bed, I like to dress.  Then, I would much prefer to have comfortable nightclothes or lounge wear that looks good on me and I can go to the door without being embarrassed.  Also, I still like to look good for my husband.  By the way men, your wife might not say it, but she likes to see you in something that looks good on you too.  Being well-groomed shows we care about ourselves and those we live with.
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Adrienne Dellwo has written about several sensory issues we deal with.  I have read articles by others on sensory issues as well.  For future articles, I would like to cover some of these.  If you have a sensory issue that seems odd to you, it may not be odd at all in the world of people with Fibromyalgia.  Please consider sharing some of your sensory issues in the comment area at the end of this blogpost.

Special Notes:
On the left sidebar is my favorite bra.  This year I got to the point I could not bear wearing a wire in a bra, and I have been wearing them for years.  Also I hate having my bra straps falling down:  my shoulders are not wide enough to keep most bra straps from falling.

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