Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's Important for Me To Do Today

For someone who spends much of her time at home, today was one of those days I had to go out.  After a relaxed breakfast, showering, and taking extra care dressing to the shoes, I was ready.  I did part of the directions for FlyLady's Day 12 Beginner BabySteps , but I had to make a decision which was most important -- going to the supermarket or doing all the baby steps.  I voted for the supermarket, which also has a walk-in hair salon...
 This girl had to keep her priorities straight, and I needed a haircut;  so, I went for it.  Also, Friday  is my husband's day off, so that was another advantage -- I had help.

Before I go to bed, I might find the energy to clean a couple of spots I missed this morning.  Then, I will feel like I have finished Day 12 very well. Moreover, today, I got exercise walking at the store, I got a new tee-shirt and dress, and I picked out some foods especially for those days I do not have energy to cook.  Incidentally, if I had chosen to drive an electric cart today, because I am in the midst of a Fibro/CFS flare-up, I would not have felt embarrassed or guilty.  However, I was glad I could walk in my comfortable athletic walking shoes and make it through the store.  

How are you doing on pacing yourself?  Do you feel like you have to adhere to perfection in the direction you have chosen for changing your habits?  If you think you have to do it perfectly, you need to remember that perfection is not the goal.  FlyLady has a saying I love:  Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family.  If thinking you have to achieve perfection each and every time you choose to work on your habits, give yourself a break.  A baby does not learn to walk without wobbling here and there, because his brain and his muscles have to get used to the action of walking.  After a while you will find yourself instantly self-correcting, just like a toddler does whose coordination grows day after day.

Keep working on the FlyLady Babysteps if you are doing them.  I am considering taking a couple of days off from writing.  After all, we do have a lovely fall weekend to enjoy.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


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