Thursday, November 19, 2015

An Example of Creative Cleaning or Do You Really Hate Cleaning the Kitchen?!

At the beginning of November, I told you that we were going to do November 2015 Kitchen Challenge on my Facebook Page. This is what I wrote over there today with none of the lists of emptying the dishwasher or shining the sink. The thing that I see as significant in this is some people really do not like cleaning the kitchen. Their focus is elsewhere, and they are always ready to be doing something other than that. For some reason, the kitchen looms as a huge overwhelming almost unconquerable mountain. However, it is just a room that we all need to use. Even if you buy takeout, you are probably going to have to wash something in the kitchen, make some tea, or occasionally fix a snack. Following is what I wrote on Facebook today with the part I especially want you to read italicized.
"Hopefully you are halfway or more done with wiping down your cabinets in the kitchen. If you are not and you need a break, take it! The cabinets are not going anywhere. I am thinking about people who might have had weeks that have not quite fallen into the grooves they planned. If you are feeling behind, that is just part of life: it is Not an indicator of your worth. Jump in there and work on the glaring things in your kitchen. If you have a couple of pots sitting on the stove or in the sink, wash one. Give yourself permission to take a break.
After the break, wash another pot. This is one of the things I mean about creative decluttering. Maybe, you really hate cleaning the kitchen, but you don't want a dirty kitchen either. Make a game out of this. Set the timer. Do what you need to do. You may actually find it is not the awful chore you thought it was. As you see the pile in your kitchen get smaller, you will feel encouraged. One day, it may even feel like almost nothing to go in the kitchen and clean it up: you will just go in there and do it. Done!!!!!"

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