Friday, October 19, 2012

What Next?

Have you ever heard the phrase -- things keep happening, one after another?  One starts asking, "What next?".  That seems to be the case in my life the last two or three weeks.  I could use a little respite, but I'm not complaining.  And yes, I am leading up to something that has happened in the last twenty-four hours.  Let me tell you the story.

My husband is a minister of music.  He is an ordained pastor at our church, and has other duties as well, such as teaching a Bible Study and Prayer, leading a small Bible study group, visiting the elderly members of our congregation that cannot come to church, and visiting people who are sick or in the hospital.  I am so proud of him;  and I am also sad I cannot support the ministries we were involved in together, like I used to.  I have tried to be more regular in my church attendance and sing in the choir, but I always end up having a relapse. 

The Sons of Jubal courtesy of [Music and Worship], GBC

Yesterday, my dear husband was gone all day...
He had to go to Augusta, Georgia to sing with the Jubal Chorus, which is actually two groups combined -- The Sons of Jubal and The Jubalheirs.  Both of these groups are led by the director of music from the Georgia Baptist State Convention.  They have been on mission trips and sung in many countries all over the world.  Last spring, they went to China and they also sang in North Korea's spring festival.  This was a wonderous event bathed by much prayer.  In one concert in N. Korea, the audience even hummed and sang "Amazing Grace" with them.  My husband also plays the trombone, so he always sits with the Jubal Brass.  He gets to play and sing with over 200 men.  What a glorious sound!

Just add my face, a brace, and a walker. Ouchy old knee.
courtesy of  [stock images]/ 
Yesterday, I could not go with him, unless we asked someone to care for the dog.  It's an all day affair when he is gone, because of travel time, rehearsal time, and the actual concert that evening.  What happened to me was my walk with the dog;  or rather, during that walk I injured my knee.  I don't know if I twisted it or I hurt it when I was giving the dog a slow jog.  Whatever I did, it is not better and it is an excrutiating pain if I even move it the wrong way when I am sitting.  I'm icing it and all the things I have done before with an injured knee.  I'm wearing a knee stabilizer too, or I turn it the wrong way.  If it isn't better Monday, I will call the doc.  Meanwhile, I have the walker out -- glad I kept it, and I am moving very slowly when I do get up.

My baby step program is going to have to rest for a while, until the knee is heeled.  At least, the house is not a total disaster, and I have changed the sheets, almost have the dining room finished, and I have started decorating it.  I will still be writing:  I just won't be doing the cleaning until I can get around.  I love you all.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Are joint issues, including knees and other joints an issue for you?  Do you usually go the doctor or self-treat for a few days?

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