Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Living in My "Vacation" Home

Image Courtesy of Simon Howden
Have you ever stayed in a hotel room, an apartment/condo, or a small house for a week while on vacation?  Or, maybe you were there for only two or three days.  Did you notice how the uncluttered rooms helped you to relax;  or, how much easier it was to pick up, because you did not have much to put away.  Also, you were really enjoying the uncluttered atmosphere, and you literally wanted to bask in it when you were resting in the room or rooms.
Image Courtesy of artur84

I don't know for sure that everyone experiences this, but I have;  and, I have decided that I am going to make my home, which by my definition is where I live with my family now (whether I own it or not), my very own vacation spot, my bed and breakfast, and my place that I can look at with an uncritical eye, which I will always want to keep up, because it is easier to do that in my  vacation home.  It is true that I do live here all the time, unless I visit someone else or I travel to an overnight destination; however, I think this is a valid goal.  Simplicity makes life a little easier.

You may ask what sparked this revelation.  While I was browsing vacation rentals from the quaint and vintage to the out of my ball park price, I realized that I am too critical of how my own home looks.  It hit me as I looked at the quaint and vintage, that for just a few dollars and getting rid of even more clutter than I already have, I have my own quaint and vintage place everyday.  Since I am working on  the process of making it even better, I am taking some time to review some of the items I have kept and the big question I ask myself is "Do I really love this item?".  As I set aside the items I want to let loose of, I label them with blue painter tape and a price, because I plan to have a garage sale.  Why do I use Blue Painter Tape?  It is easy to remove.
Image Courtesy of winnond

Image Courtesy of Simon Howden
I am not going to post any pictures of areas of my house right now, because I am quite busy with the process.  But, I can tell you that it feels quite painless, and less daunting than when I had piles of clutter from being ill and too much saved from years past.  I am going for simple.  How simple?  I will decide as I go along, and I will try to remember to keep you informed.

God bless you as you work on your home.  I hope this encourages you in your quest for a less cluttered life.

Image courtesy of artur84

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  1. LOVE these ideas!!! We are still on our major decluttering mission. I am stumped on one thing right now and am praying for a way to sell some items that we would like to sell. I am amazed at how much stuff we have that don't need....it is like it accumulates, then breeds after we get it home!!! :) I hope you are doing well...much love to you, sweet friend. :)

    1. Thank you, dear friend. I have come to the conclusion that getting rid of clutter is a constant battle. Or, maybe I am messy. Why is it so easy to visit a relative or friend for a couple of days and put everything away right after you use it? Why do I always end up having a growth of books, mail, and miscellaneous on the table right beside my chair? I have been working on this, and it's getting better, but you are so right about how what we have seems to breed. As always, you are loved. And yes, I am doing very well, only I have way too much to read. Never thought I would be saying that. Hugs, Debby


It's always lovely hearing from you. xoxo, Deborah