Saturday, October 6, 2012

Family Day

None of my steps forward have been easy for me, and sometimes, I find that I still occasionally have problems with agoraphobia, especially if I am very fatigued.  Actually, it reminds me of the chicken and the egg question – which came first? 

I wonder how many fibromyalgia patients have found they have changed from loving getting out of the house and being around people, to wanting to stay home.  Because I have had bouts of anxiety this week, I almost stayed home from going to the state park today, which I know was good for me, my husband, and the dog.  The kind of anxiety I speak of is not the same as worrying about something.  It hits even when I am not worried about anything.  Maybe, the flare-up I have had is doing something to my hormones.  Our bodies are so complicated with the various chemical processes that are involved in keeping us running properly. 

Therefore, I ignored the I wanna stay curled up in my chair attitude, and I said, “OK.  I’m ready go to the park.”  FlyLady would approve:  Saturday is family day in FlyLadydom.
Speaking of FlyLady, I did do most of Day 8.  But I still have to shine the sink after supper and put out my clothes for tomorrow.  And I’d better put the Bible I carry to church and my purse together too:  I have this bad habit of hunting for things, when I need to get out the door.  The thing I am really procrastinating on is giving myself a pedicure.  I love the way a fresh pedicure, with pretty nail polish looks , but I resist doing it like the plague.
The Hoarders?  No.
This is what this room looked like when
I started.
It' s not finished, but the boxes aren't there anymore,
 and I can find things I thought were lost.  I don't advise
moving if you have CFS and FM, but life doesn't
always consider our illnesses.
If I am sounding negative, tell me.  I really am trying to be honest.  I think writing a blog and making it sound like I have things perfectly together would negate the purpose of this blog.  

Oh dear!  It is 7 PM my time, and all I want to do is close my eyes.  Maybe, I should walk in the park more often.  You all have sweet dreams tonight.  Don’t give up on our FlyLady /Habit Project, and don’t get frustrated with yourself if you don’t do things perfectly.

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