Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Quick Hint for Motivation

If I was a bee, maybe I wouldn't need any motivation.
I would collect honey and bzz, bzz, bzz all around the yard.
If you have a Facebook account, a very smart flybaby has come up with a motivational game to get slow starters encouraged in doing things scheduled on their To-Do list.  In a few minutes, I'm going to check it out and see if anyone is "playing."  The name of the game is Fly Lady Bingo and the instructions are in the Notes.

There are several ways to play...
 You can do a 6 X 15 which is doing 3 fifteen minute segments of work, resting for 15 minutes; then, in the second hour, you do 3 more 15 minute segments and rest.  Some of that time could be play -- like playing with the baby or reading to your children.  Not that I consider either of the two aforementioned activities play, but they are important; and they take energy.  A 6 X 15 takes 2 hours.    Another way of doing it is a 7 X 7, which would be 7 items in 49 minutes.  I schedule an extra rest on my list of To-Do's on days the fatigue is bad.

Now, I am going for motivation.  I hope somebody is playing now.

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