Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Love Aha Moments

Today, I had my aha moment!  It happened before I read Day 9 of FlyLady's 31 Beginner Babysteps and before I dressed to my shoes.  I walked by an empty bank box, which I am saving;  and I realized the largest hot spot, which I have been avoiding for several days, does not have to be a point of contention in my life.  Several weeks ago, I should have realized -- after unpacking boxes of accumulated stuff and throwing away bags of formerly important items -- that I could dispose of the mess which has been aggravating me for months. Every time, I get that area partially cleared, I get sidetracked to something else that needs immediate attention.
Now, I'm smiling.
Therefore,  my new plan  is to put it in 
boxes and label them;  
then, I shall go
through one box at a time.

This may sound dangerous to anyone that knows about the other boxes of stuff I have thrown away, but it really isn't.  The old boxes were full of stuff we thought we had to keep for sentimental, documentary, or frugal reasons.   Because I did not want to box up clutter again,  I thought I had to go through things one piece at a time, but I was wrong.  Therefore, I am going to fill the boxes and label them; then, I can go through them one at a time.  I need to do this for me.  It doesn't mean I have to keep what is in the boxes.

The reason I didn't do this before is that I didn't want to fill more boxes.  I am not worried I will let these boxes sit, because I'm determined to get rid of the clutter for good.  Besides, this cluttered room has given everyone permission to pile it up more, right on the dining room table, because it is the first thing seen when walking into the house.  And that is the problem!  The clutter has acted like a magnet to more clutter.  I should know;  after all, I am a chief offender.   Did I mention the dining room is central to almost every part of the house?  So all I have to do is get distracted, and whatever I put down goes in that area. If the clutter is gone, maybe everyone will think about it, including me.

Experiment number umpteenth thousand is about to go in action:  Box up everything on the dining room table, except the duster.  I will keep you updated.  I am smiling as I think about the very clean dining room I will have in an hour, and how good I'm going to feel.


  1. Good luck, Debby! Just remember what FLYlady says- you can't organize clutter! Don't forget to keep a trash bag nearby and don't put anything in a box unless it has EARNED a right to be kept! :) You go, girl!

  2. My plan is to clear off the table, sit one box at a time in front of me and sift through it. I am not going to hide the box in a closet, put it in an attic, or put it in the basement. I'm going to put a basket by the door and decorate the table. I am trying to find what works for me. If this doesn't -- that's OK.

    What messed me up the most was moving a year ago. We got moved before I finished decluttering. And I wasn't able to work on it for about 7 months. Meanwhile, more clutter happened. Ugh! I guess this is a type of crisis cleaning for me. But I will continue the 31 steps.

  3. Before I was diagnosed with FIbro the occasional clutter or pile of stuff on a shelf didn't bother me, but now, it drives me up the wall. I always feel like it's just hanging over my shoulders as something that needs to get done, but I won't be able to for weeks or maybe even months. AS a result, I have pared down significantly and do a much better job of keeping on my kids and husband to pick up after themselves. I still have a few piles (one on my desk right now-I call it my creative chaos and 1 on a bookshelf), but they are small because the whole family keeps up on it, cause none like sit when I start having panic attacks over something as silly as clutter!

    1. I have to force myself to work on the piles. And I usually feel better afterwards, if I remember not to work myself into a frazzle. You mentioned panic attacks. I wonder if everybody that has fibromyalgia has those. I have them too, and I would have them even when I could not pinpoint a reason. Now that have more control over the FM and CFS through medication and supplements, I do not have them as often. Thanks for commenting. I have to admit I still get excited when someone comments, being a newer blogger.


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