Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Atmosphere That Promotes Peace

Have you ever had a moment where you breathed a quiet, "Ahh"  to yourself, because you felt peaceful in your home?  I have had that experience happen two days in a row, because my house looks more like a home to me.  

Is it perfect?  NO!  And it probably won't ever be, but that feeling of being home happens more when one is not surrounded by clutter.  Furthermore, one of the wonderful things that is happening is that my routine is beginning to feel more natural to me.  Day 17 and 18 in FlyLady's 31 Beginner Babysteps is working for me.  And if it wasn't for you, I don't know if I would have kept doing it.  I might have said this is not going to work for me, because of some little setbacks I had.  However, I have felt encouraged to keep going and not give in to moments of doubt.
My Dining Room/Work Table After
My Dining Room Table Before

This morning when I got out of bed, I actually made it right away -- before breakfast, before I took my medicine, and before I got dressed. The surprising thing was I thought it was easy.  More ahhs occurred when I worked at my dining room/work table  today. I have before and after pictures for you, like I promised.  It isn't magazine new, but it is usable now, and I intend for it to stay that way.  I have worked at my grandmother's old dining room table for two afternoons, and I have enjoyed being able to use it again.

Finally, it is important to tell you that removing clutter seems to have a very positive affect on one's psyche.  It feels liberating.  Even on the days I feel more fatigued, I don't feel as overwhelmed, because I am seeing what 15 minutes here of picking up clutter and 5 minutes of clearing my accumulated piles can do.  I knew in my heart I could get rid of the clutter, but now my mind has been convinced.  

If you are in a situation where clutter has overwhelmed your life, I highly recommend FlyLady's methods.  Because of moves and my illness, I have had to rework those habits several times.  You may find yourself having to work on habits over again, as I have done.  FlyLady knows that we have to keep working our habits, and she has a system that allows people to "jump [right] in" (Please read You Are Not Behind by Susan Lamonica.  It will bless your heart).  Every month there is a habit to work on for the whole month. These repeat every year.

The point is that whether you use FlyLady's system or find another system of keeping up with the clutter, when you do this on a regular basis, it makes life more pleasant.  In the testimonies I read in the emails I have received from FlyLady, I have read how people's lives are improved and how their homes have an atmosphere of peace.  That is what I want for myself and that is what I want for you.  

Peace be with you and many blessings,


P. S.  One thing I have learned from FlyLady is that I cannot organize my clutter.  Clutter is the stuff you don't need, you don't like, and you don't use.  Of course, one has to make their own decisions regarding what is clutter in their own lives. However, am finding I want to simplify.  I remember those early days of keeping house.  I did not have all the wasted paper that comes in the mail, nor as many items to put away.  My wardrobe was limited:  I didn't have years of accumulation (the things I might use again).  Having moved many times over the years, I might have less than some people.  But it is still more than I want to deal with.  Have you ever been on vacation, and enjoyed the simplicity of a small kitchen and a home where there was a place for everything?  My goal is to make this home my own vacation spot, the Bed and Breakfast, that I live in everyday. 

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