Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Prepare to Entertain

Decorating and entertaining during the Christmas Season can be tiring for even healthy people.  For those of us who have chronic illnesses, it is more of a challenge, but not impossible.  I will be posting ideas to make this easier for you if you are determined to do this during the holidays.  I was especially inspired by a recent comment by a fellow blogger, IlanaNovember 18, 2012 12:19 PM who wrote,
Hi Deborah! Great post, I'm really looking forward to your advice on dealing with the holidays. This is really my first year in my own house celebrating Christmas and Hannukah and I really want to be festive, have parties, and be able to bring treats to all of the gatherings--but the fatigue is a real barrier and I want to be able to enjoy and really contribute! So I do get how you're feeling! 

Since I have been married 41 years and I have had very active Fibromyalgia and other illnesses for about 18 years, I think I can come up with some ideas for you.  

1.  Write down your plans.  After you have set a date or dates for whatever kind of gathering you are going to have in your home, you should begin making a list of your theme, what kind of food you are going have, etc.

2.  Consider what you are going to be invited to:  family, friends, and business functions.  I would plan according to that.  Depending on the extent of your illness, you will probably have to pick and choose what you go to, or even leave early.  Every year since I have been ill, I end up with the January blahs.  The last few years it has taken two or three months to recover.  That is what I want to avoid this coming year, and I hope you can too.  Don't try to be wonder woman or super man.  Realism is an important element to preserving our health.

3.  If you are entertaining, enlist some help in cleaning the house and decorating.  You don't have to do it all.  In fact, the decorating does not have to be elaborate.  If you are in your first home, people are not going to expect you to have a collection of ornaments to put on your tree.  That is something that builds over the years.  And let me tell you, it is tiring to decorate;  so spread it out over two or three days or longer if necessary.  I know it is fun, but it is not worth making yourself sicker.

I can't wait to see my grandson's faces,
 when they see their decorated pictures.
Yesterday, I made them cards on the  computer.
  I am sure that must have been good craft therapy.

I am planning to share some ideas for easy parties and meals.  So check in later.  I am almost ready to go.  All I have to do is pack.  The birthday presents are wrapped -- we have two birthday boys.  The pies were made yesterday and the casserole was made on Monday.  I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  

I didn't get all my little projects done, and that is OK.  I knew I had to rest and I am glad I stopped.  In the past, I would have pushed myself, even stayed up all night.  So maybe, I have learned a few lessons well.  

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