Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simplifying, A Process

Is there anyone out there that has ever been good at multi-tasking?  I used to be, but I look at that as a thing of the past now.  Occasionally, I seem to manage it on a one day basis, but my brain doesn't seem to work that way anymore.  My mother used to say, "I have a one-track mind."  It seems I have inherited that with all my wisdom and maturity.  I'm writing this with a smile on my face:  it is true, and I have to smile and know I am not beat.  So I am tackling one space at a time.  Today, it has been the guest bedroom.  I am emptying a file cabinet, so I can move it or get rid of it. 

I did all those days with FlyLady and I am still dealing with clutter, less, but it is still here.  However, it takes time to organize and go through things.  I am not going to let it spoil the holiday season, which is oh so close.  I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is next week. I wanted to have it here, but I know I can't because I have been sick on top of the chronic illnesses.  I am finally starting to have more energy and my joints are not aching like they were.  It is hard to believe a simple infection could have affected so many parts of my body, but so goes life with fibromyalgia and CFIDS.  I am glad I got the UTI, because the antibiotic is clearing up my sinusitis too.   I honestly think the sinusitis is what began my downhill spiral.

For some reason, I am also dealing with an unusual amount of itchiness, which makes wearing a bra uncomfortable.  I can keep it on for a while, but then it has to go.  I might have to consider changing detergents:  I just thought of that one.  Anyhow, I never cared a whole lot for bras, but the girls look better when I am wearing one.  I am sure you know what I mean.  Ooh!  That was private.

Yesterday and today I have been cleaning out a file cabinet.  Sometimes, it is hard to believe I didn't do this sooner.  Simple is my goal.  And I plan to enjoy the process as much as possible.  So with a smile on my face, I return to some of the necessities of simplifying and also sticking some fish in the oven.  I think my husband would enjoy supper tonight.  God bless you all and good night!

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  1. Definately relate to this and get stressed just trying to multi task


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