Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Color, Speaking of Hair

Last week, I not only felt sick:  I wanted to look good with the least amount of effort.  I was tired of having wet hair hanging on my neck from going into sweats -- not perspiration, ladies and gentlemen -- but out and out sweats that made my hair feel like I had poured water over it.  So with much trepidation, I asked my husband to drive me to the hair salon to perform the dastardly deed. Yes, I let the stylist cut my hair short.  It took me a week to tell anyone I had it done.  I am blessed to have a husband that tells me to keep things simple.  If I was happy with short hair, so was he.

Please don't think I am telling anyone this is the answer to simple.  We all have our own answers to what hairstyles work best for us according to hair type and face shape.  I had just come to that moment I had to have a different hairstyle.  I felt sick, old, and frumpy;  and I know all I had to do was  fix my hair.  However, wet hair on the neck ruins the hairstyle and makes me cold. Plus, i didn't feel like fixing it.  Maybe, it was one of those woman things:  I needed a change.  And hair does grow, so I could let it grow again if I got tired of it.  I also have to admit to having browsed wigs on the internet.  Cutting my hair was an adjustment:  having another option sounded good too.  

My head felt like it had lost 5 pounds.  Woo hoo!  It felt good.  But was I satisfied with that?  Of course not, so yesterday, I bought a highlighter kit.  I was not paying forty dollars to pull a few pieces of hair through a cap, especially if my husband would help me pull strands through the holes.  I knew I would be stressed if I did it by myself.  So you know who helped me.  True love has got to be your husband of 41 years or any amount of years agreeing to help you color your hair.  This was a first for us and it was actually kind of fun.  Did I mention we are on a tight budget?  He was all for saving thirty-five dollars.

Now, for the warning:  read your directions first.  If you haven't colored your hair for a long time and you are having brain fog, let your husband read the directions too.  Or check off each item as you do it in addition to reading the directions first.  Why am I telling you this?  I read the directions through, mixed the Frosting Developer and the Lightening Powder in the little tub.  Then, we put it on my hair and left it.   After the time was up, my husband helped me rinse and shampoo in the kitchen sink.  Then I put the conditioner on and it felt strange.  My brain went into oh-oh mode, I put my glasses on, and I realized i was supposed to mix the "conditioner", which was Protective cream in with the developer and powder.  We both mildly panicked and my DH said nervously, "We better get that stuff out of your hair fast."  So we shampooed again.

The stories we all have about Brain Fog could probably fill volumes.  My hair looks fine  (whew!), I like the highlights, and I feel one step closer to making the holidays easier.  Also, I made it to our Worship Services this morning, without feeling stressed, hurried, and nervous.  An hour ago, I emptied out another moving box:  it felt like early Christmas.  Life is Good, even with brain fog.


  1. My dear fog brain friend,
    I saw the picture of you and Lucy before I read your blog. Your hair looks great. Isn't it nice to have our own personal hair stylists? Besides, we save alot of money and it is something just the two of you share. I have never had my hair colored in a salon, H has always done it Hope you are starting to feel better. LSK

    1. Your husband is a sweetie. Did I ever tell you that? We ended up with great husbands, both of us -- our parents must have done something right. They were certainly great examples of love and commitment. My mother loved your mom. It is so nice to remember that. I'm thinking about buying another Frost and Highlight kit. Those blonde highlights are addictive. Haha. Post a picture on facebook or at least in messages. I want to see your hair and You. Hey! You could do highlights. Heehee.

    2. I forgot to say thank you. Thank you, Anonymous, not really anonymous friend. I miss you.


It's always lovely hearing from you. xoxo, Deborah