Friday, November 9, 2012

My New Pet Peeve

I don't usually muse on my pet peeves.  In fact, I usually get over them;  but today, my Fibro-brain had more than it could take.  I found a blog I really liked, and it shed light on an illness I don't know about, as well as being very interesting on different things we encounter in life.  I decided to comment and I never could get the darn thing for commenting to work right for me.  Was it the too many words I put in and took out, or was it the thing that wants you to prove you are not a robot ?  After six tries of trying to comment, I still don't know.  Maybe, it had an anti-Deb device in it.  "De-bor-ah here, don't let her in, Warning, Warning. (read this in a robotic monotone.)"  

After I took a deep breath, I decided to do a little more research, because I was looking for a blog on a certain subject that I am thinking about adding to my blogging vista.  I won't say which one, because I don't want to give it away.  I wanted to see if anyone has spent much time writing about this subject.  And when I browse,  I usually get pulled in -- that's the danger of browsing, being in a library, or going through old papers:  I just have to start reading.  So, I went to another blog, and I enjoyed reading it.  So, I looked for a like button or the equivalent.  I found one, and I might have known:  I had to sign in or join the platform host.  It just irritated me.  Why did I have to join?  All I wanted to do was say, "I liked your blog post."

Please spare me all the reasons for this.  I know it keeps the robots out, but I am discovering that it is pretty easy to spot the robots; and blogger is doing a great job of spam detection.  Thank you all you smart blogger  platform people for making Blogger easy to use.  I don't even have much trouble with your robot detectors:  it doesn't usually take more than one or two tries for me to post a comment.  

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