Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pay Attention to the Stop Sign

There are two sections to this blog post:   1)  Update on my flare-up and how I'm managing it so far;  2) FlyLady Day 2.  

My idea to keep on moving, but less than I was before the flare-up, seems to be working.  I still need more sleep than usual:  I actually fell asleep in my recliner this morning after getting up.  I had not even eaten breakfast.  So I missed church, which I don't like;  but I guess I made my choice when I went out with my Sunday School class last night.  However, in general, this flare seems to be improving, or maybe, I am just managing it better.  I have cooking supper now -- an easy one, but not a microwave meal.  Also, I am focusing on important things on which I was getting lax.  I have organized my medications and supplements into their weekly container, because I am not good about taking everything if I don't stay organized.  I have never liked taking meds, but I feel better if I take care of myself.

I did Day 2, which was getting dressed to the shoes.  I even used lace-up shoes;  and I chose old-fashioned sneakers, so I didn't have to take them off every time I sat in my recliner.  The shoes with the big soles are not comfortable for me when I'm reclining, so I usually wear something I can slip on and off.  I will shine my sink before I go to bed, preferably after the kitchen is cleaned.
And I have 2 post it notes to remind myself.

A car can only go in one direction from here.
Hmm...kind of like my brain.
Now, for the thing I didn't like.  I skipped ahead to check out Day 3.  And I decided to link to the suggested site. I could not seem to reset my password;  and then, I remembered why I quit using it.  It was just one more thing to read or to comment on.  Give me a break -- stop sign time.  When I get overload, I start getting befuddled.  If I don't say no to myself, I get brain fog;  so, I will look at the daily hints, etc.  on Facebook or, or read my email, but that is it.  By the way, about the email.  If I have several FlyLady emails I have never gotten to, I delete them.  I do that with other batch commercial emails too, unless I am interested and have time to read them.  It's not worth it to let email sap my energy.

P. S.  A positive note about Flylady emails is the testimonials and notes from the Flylady staff.  I have been inspired by reading these, but I do not do it all the time.  You have to decide what is comfortable for you, if you go down this path.

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