Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good for the Soul

Uplift Your Soul

Today, my heart was stirred with thanksgiving for the gift of creativity God has given mankind by creating us in His image.  God is the Creator of everything, and this is one of the glorious parts of our beings, which stirs our souls when we view His universe.  Most human beings take delight in beauty, and I think this must be true of God as well.  Think of the diversity of nature and the varieties of colors God uses in His paintbrush:  is this not truly wonderful?

Have  you seen Pinterest on the internet?  This is a wonderful site created for pinning and sharing our interests, and it is connected to Facebook and Twitter.   As I casually browsed Pinterest this fine Saturday, I was awed at the many creative ideas on the site.  My soul was filled with thanksgiving and joy over the ability to appreciate and create beauty, which God has given us.   My soul felt fed and lifted as I thought of possibilities and promise:  I can’t wait to start a project.  

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