Sunday, September 23, 2012

Assessing My Progress

We have been looking at changing habits;  however, I don't want us to lose our good habits while changing the old ones.  I'm discovering this is a danger.  While I am working on my writing habit and developing new connections for my blogs, my house is not getting the attention it needs.

Did I remember to tell you that perfection is not the goal?  Perfection as a goal can be a danger to perfectionists.  Perfectionists have a strange way of procrastinating on things they don't get perfect;  at least, I do.  Or sometimes, they obsess to the point of being obnoxious. So now, I aim for improving my habits, and I don't criticize myself for not doing it perfectly.  That means I don't ruminate over every detail of what I have or haven't done;  what my project looks like;  or what other people think. I cannot read my friends' minds and my acquaintances' minds;  moreover, I could be erroneously thinking they thought something, which they didn't think.  I can't help what other people think, so it is a waste of my time and energy to worry about this.

Next, we need to assess how we are doing on the habit changing, while thinking about the good habits we already have.
 Make a list of your good  habits  Have you been letting something go to work on your new habit?  Is it something essential to the peace of your household or yourself?  Put a check beside it.
If I had an alarm that went off
every time I got out of balance,
 I wonder if I would pay attention.
Deborah Bolton,
 Learning to Balance Life Changes

This is my real list.  I told you I still have lots of things I need to work on. What I see is I have been spending too much time writing, not enough time dressing in the morning -- I often start writing in my pajamas, one of the advantages or disadvantages of writing at home, depending on your viewpoint.  I have not been taking time to put my meds and supplements in their weekly box --definitely bad. And my house has stalled in the put stuff away from moving department;  moreover, I am behind on laundry. 

So, this week I plan to reboot and work on my established good habits, along with the writing.  It's possible I will write less.  But if that happens, I will accept it.  Tomorrow, I will tell you how I plan to accomplish this -- remember, simple steps

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