Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Growing Out of CHAOS

1.  I have to confess, I am procrastinating on putting up a Facebook Group.  There are already so many.  Or I could do a page.  To be honest, I just want to do this right.  And I know I have to start somewhere.  I have been trying to spread out the spokes of my circle, a little longer, a baby step at a time.  Plus, I am trying to get my house out of moving chaos too.  
2.  Speaking of moving CHAOS, I did not totally listen to my body.  I did for several weeks, then I got extra determined, because I was expecting overnight guests.  I got so into unpacking, unpiling, and organizing,  that I overdid -- of course -- that is my nature.  Learning to balance life changes is different than my former way of doing things.  I am learning to clean better and easier -- meaning I do it everyday, not waiting until it piles up.
3.  I thought I was going to have to wait to restart my series on going through the FlyLady steps.  I thought I had to get my house clean for company first.  However, I need to tell you how I have been doing what I have done to get back into a livable routine, which still could use some polishing.  

There's that busy bee again, concentrating on the flower
 that hasn't opened completely yet.
After I had hip replacement surgery last December, my main effort was focused on getting me mobile again.  I followed the doctor's and physical therapist's directions.  I did the exercises.  And I was gentle with myself, but also firm -- I used my walker, until I was strong enough to use a cane.  However, if I had a particularly painful day or I felt wobbly, I didn't feel ashamed of going back to the walker that day.  I did not want to go back into surgery, because of a dislocated joint, so I was very careful to follow the after surgery protocol.

After the surgery, I had to spend time learning to take care of my own personal needs, such as bathing and getting dressed.  That was my main focus.  Just getting a shower was exhausting, but it felt so good!  I have kept my shower chair in the bathroom, even though I have healed from surgery, because it is great to have on the days CFS and FM have drained me of energy.  I have a sturdy little basket that drains, which I stick the head of my shower sprayer in while I soap up.  Most of the time I don't need the shower chair, but what a blessing to have it when I do.

After a couple of months, I began to feel comfortable doing things in the kitchen if I sat on a stool.  We have a galley style kitchen, and the walking back and forth was very irritating to my healing leg.  We bought a rolling cart, so I could put items I was going to use for cooking and roll them to one place. I did not hesitate to ask for help if I needed it.  I put the kitchen information in, because as thoroughly as I thought I had read the information I brought home, I missed reading the stool and rolling cart information.  I was struggling every time I tried to work in the kitchen, until I got my cart.

Finally, I have found some of the things I learned from having hip surgery as helpful tools to use in pacing myself, so I can live a better paced life to shorten the effect of post-exertional malaise, so common in CFS and FM.  I mentioned three of those things today:  sitting on a stool as I work in the kitchen, using a cart to economize on movement in the kitchen, and continuing to occasionally use my shower chair.  God bless you as you find the things that help you live the life you desire.

***Disclaimer***  Do not consider what I say as qualified medical information.  I am not a medical professional.  I am only sharing out of my own experience and information I have read.  You should contact qualified medical professionals about medical questions or needs you have.

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