Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Fibro Site for Men

I got all caught up in writing and I forgot to mention a website I found.  It's a forum for men who have fibromyalgia.  My understanding is wives and girlfriends are welcome:  there is a group for them.  Also, women who have fibromyalgia are welcome.  The people there use pseudonyms, so you don't have to feel strange if you are uncomfortable with people knowing your real name.  There are also couple of locked forums for Men Only.  That is totally fair.  Some things are too uncomfortable to talk about with the opposite sex listening in.  Right girls?

My communications with people on have been encouraging and friendly.  Please read the instructions from the moderators before posting.

Disclaimer:  If anyone has a bad experience on this site, that is not my responsibility.  I am only a user of the site, and I can only recommend on the experience I have had so far.  I have had nothing to do with setting up Men with

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