Saturday, September 29, 2012

Got All My Marbles?

Today, is Day 1 of my 31 day challenge.  Is anyone going to try it?   I thought of calling it Deb's Adventure's in Flyladydom, which I thought would be a separate blog.   However, I haven't done that yet, because everything I do affects me.  So, how do I separate the 31 day challenge from Learning to Balance Life Changes?  It seems I am always having to learn something new about myself: even more frustrating, I often have to start all over again.  At least, I learn different approaches to the same problems.  That's the whole point of this blog:  encouragement, knowing you are not alone, thinking of new ways to do things, and even challenging one another not to give up.  

So, I cleaning and organizing our lives will stay here, because it is more difficult when you are ill and fatigued.

The thing, that I am learning now, is not to let my muscles waste away when I have a flare.  There is a tendency to sit or lie down all day with flares.  I have done that before, and it is counter-productive, because I have to go through the whole baby step process from bottom up when I feel better.  I would love to hear if other people have experienced this, because I have been experiencing it for over 15 years.  Every time I let myself go into sedentary mode it is like I am recovering from a long convalescence.  I have to deal with being too weak to do anything for more than five minutes.  I get cabin fever from being in the house too long or I retreat back into agoraphobia, and going out becomes traumatic with panic attacks.  I like it when I feel normal, well, almost normal.  And that does happen, but it doesn't last, especially if I spend my marbles unwisely or use too many spoons.

Now, I am going to explain the marbles.  
Several years ago, I heard about using marbles to measure energy.  The story was about a woman who put marbles into a bowl to show how much energy she used.  As her energy waned, she took the marbles out and put them in another bowl.  If I remember correctly, she  and her husband had learned to make the most of high energy days.  Those were the days they went somewhere together, enjoying activities they liked or needed to do.  Also, her husband did not always have to ask how she felt.  All he had to do was check her bowls.

I am going to try this.  I really don't know why I haven't, except I tend to procrastinate.   I love visuals, since I am a visual learner.  If you have toddlers, make sure you leave your marbles out of reach:  my sister almost choked on one.

My twelve marbles are in the bowl.  One section is labeled with masking tape --Today's Marbles.  The other section is labeled Marbles Used.   I had to take four out just for starting the day, because I am still in my flare-up.  I could not believe the visceral reaction I had when I realized I had to take out more for other things I have done today.  I told my husband, "I want more marbles."  He said, "You can't have anymore."  He's helping me stay honest with myself -- well good, I needed that.  You see, I want more marbles because we are supposed to go to dinner tonight with friends;  and I know all the things I have to do are going to use up my marbles.  Moreover, it makes me mad:  I don't think I will have any left, so I will be going out with a deficit.  That means tomorrow I will probably be wiped.

My next job today is shining my sink.  I already cleaned the shower, so I could take a bath in a clean shower.  Plus, I am trying out something I found on Pinterest that is supposed to make it easier.  The suggestion is to keep a refillable dish wand in my shower:  it should have a non-abrasive scrubber on it.  And I am putting out a Disclaimer right here.  If you scratch your shower, because you did not follow the directions for your shower, it is not my fault.  I am only telling you what I am trying.  I put half vinegar and half ivory dish soap in mine -- original recipe is half dawn and half vinegar.  Anyway, the suggestion was to use this and you always have a shiny shower.  I know I won't use it every time.  But I can see me doing one wall when I shower.  By the way, my shower looks great.  I couldn't wait to use my new toy.  That's why I'm sitting here writing.  I was too tired to take a shower:  I cleaned it first.   (I learned it does not work well with Ivory, but Dawn dish detergent and vinegar work well.  Keep it off your skin, if it is sensitive.)

OK.  Now, I am going to go shine my sink, not wash dishes -- just shine my sink --another marble gone.  That means I have four left.  Enjoy your weekend, stay positive (please try), and don't use all your marbles at once.

Thank you FlyLady:  for starting your website and sharing your God-breezes with other people that need encouragement to keep clutter out of their lives.

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