Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sleep, Blessed Sleep

From the pool to the potty
to the bed --
that is crashing.
Sleep.  Blessed sleep.  We need it, but it is often fleeting.  My sleepy time is constantly getting turned upside down, because I crash when I don't get enough hours -- I have too or I cannot function.    

Last spring, I found the following article by Lizzy Brown, and I have tried the suggestions in it:  Sleeping Problems:  How to Reset Your Circadian Rhythm.   

My favorite tip was the one on resetting the my internal clock.  Instead of trying to go to sleep earlier, I keep setting each day forward when I am trying to get back in what most people would consider a "normal"  pattern.  It doesn't last for me;  but, it helps for a while, until I have one of those nights I cannot go to sleep at all.  

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Having to explain to a person, who lies down in the bed and is asleep almost the moment his or head touches the pillow, is hard to do.   Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way for everyone.  The desire to go to sleep  doesn't always mean one will,  nor does the desperate feeling of exhaustion always mean one will slumber.

Some people suggest using herbs, supplements, or medications to lull one to slumber.  Guess what!  That doesn't always work either.  At least, it doesn't for me:  I have been wide awake with medication or herbs that put most people to sleep.  Therefore, I personally do the best I can.  Since sleep is often elusive, I am very thankful when I can drift off and feel like a normal person going to bed, sleeping when I need to.   

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone,Lord,make me dwell in safety (NIV, Psalm 4:8).

There is one thing I love about lying in the dark in my bed.  I love to remember scriptures I know;  and, I like to pray.  Even when I can't go to sleep, there is peacefulness in giving that awake time to the Lord, in remembering Him and all His benefits.

Now, it is time for me to work on shifting my time forward again.  I think I have stayed awake long enough. 


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