Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shopping Therapy for the Not Invisible

Shopping therapy is a loosely used term for making yourself feel better by shopping;  however, I have never been one for shopping just to feel better.  Also, when you are tired all the time, you just don't run out to go shopping.  After all, that involves using energy.

However, I could not stand one more minute inside the house.  My husband is watching the play offs in baseball, so it was not going to bother him that I went out.  So, I did.

But first, I decided to play with my makeup--lightly applied, but something different.

Why feel like we have to look sick?  I have an invisible illness, and I wanted to use what I had to make me look better.  Wearing makeup was a treat!

I went for my favorite summer t-shirt and a pair of earrings with a little bling.  

I'm home now.  I have on a brand new pair of pajamas that got that special smile from my DH.  I bought a soft robe I have been looking at for almost a year.  Moreover, I got two of my grand-babies outfits.

I went to Walmart after I went to Bealls Outlet and rode the electric cart, only shopping for things that interested me -- things I don't always look at.  No -- I did not buy everything I looked at.  I even put a couple of things back.  One does have to make choices.

One of those neat choices was something I just learned exists.  It's a Belkin Cooling Lounge.  You put it under your laptop computer, and plug in the attached USB cable to your computer.  It has a fan and keeps your laptop from getting so hot.  It has a fan, and the shape is designed to give increased air circulation to your computer.  Also, it has a cushion and is not heavy in my lap.  I am impressed already.  My usually hot laptop is cool.

Yes, I'm still sick and still fatigued, I smell like a Whopper from Burger King now, and I did something I enjoy.  Sometimes, those of us that stay in our houses too much need to break out and do something different.

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow is like.


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  1. This is so good! Just putting make up on and a pretty top& slacks gave me a "You're Beautiful" from my husband on Christmas Day and I felt I received a blessing and gave one to my precious husband! Little things can make so much difference even when you're not feeling the greatest!


It's always lovely hearing from you. xoxo, Deborah