Monday, October 28, 2013

Do Men View Housecleaning Like Women Do?

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 Do you think men generally view housecleaning the same way as women? Please don't get angry with me, Men, for my answer, because from what I have seen, they don't.  It may be because they were brought up in a home where that was their mother's domain or it may be a "man thing."

The reason I bring this up is because of the things I notice and my husband doesn't seem to notice.   For instance, I think the kitchen is clean when the counters are wiped off and the dishes are put away.  If the sink is looking scummy, the kitchen is not really clean.  

He thinks the kitchen is clean when the dishes are put away and the counter is wiped off.  I am not sure he even notices the sink.

And then, there is vacuuming and mopping the floor.  Those are things I used to do weekly without fail, sometimes more often if necessary.  However, I haven't done either of those things for a while, and I don't think it bothers my husband.  It just doesn't cross his mind, unless company is coming.  However, if I ask him he will do the vacuuming, and every once in a while he just gets inspired.  

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This week, I desperately need to vacuum.  I know I will hurt afterwards, but I was just cleaning up a spot on the floor and the amount of dog hair that came up convinced me.  Truthfully, I am not all that crazy about carpet anymore.  I think hardwood floors would be easier to take care of, but we live in our church's house.  And they don't plan to spend any more money on it, because eventually, they are going to knock it down.  Although, I still think it would be great for missionaries on furlough.

The neat thing is that I can try out the inexpensive decorating eyes ideas I see on Pinterest -- after I clean.

So, I guess you may have an inkling what the challenge for this week is -- if you can handle it.  I am going to suggest vacuuming at least one room a day. This time, don't worry about getting the baseboards.  Those are good to do when the focus of the week is one room.

I still have picking up to do.  It seems like a never ending cycle.  However, I did make headway last week.  Also, I need to dust the living room.  I never finished that.  So, I suppose my focus room this week is the living room. What is your focus room for the week?


  1. I don't know if it is because I live alone, that I don't find the motivation to do the 5 minutes a day thing. I desperately need to clean that house, but I no longer put in the time when I don't feel up to it (which is most of the time). I certainly notice how bad it is, but I don't have anyone else living in the house, so I feel like I can put it off. Unfortunately, I have done this for too long, and now the enormity of the task is so overwhelming to me, I become instantly fatigued just looking at it or thinking about it. This is just so frustrating anymore. :(

  2. Even though you live alone, it is helpful for your own peace of mind to try to make an effort. It is depressing to constantly be surrounded by clutter; and, if you could begin just one minute at a time working on a small task, I think it would be encouraging to you. Furthermore, for most people, unless there is a medical reason that does not permit movement, it is better for your body to move. The more one sits, the more fatigued and weak one gets. Read This was the beginning of how I started getting strong enough to do things around the house again. I was very weak and ill with the onset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME. For many months, I could barely take a bath and many other things one would do while sitting. I was an invalid, and I knew I was getting even weaker from no movement. Another article that might be helpful to you is "Toolkit for Success - Adaptation." I wish you the best.

  3. Deborah, I guess we are abundantly blessed that our husbands don't view "clean" like we do! LOL! Otherwise, on the days we are unable to do what we need to do, they may observe more, and I suppose that could lead to trouble. :) God, in His infinite wisdom, knew exactly what He was doing, and He blessed us with understanding men who don't expect more than we are capable of doing. I love your blog and always enjoy my time here....I should comment more often. You are a blessing to me! Love you dear friend, Cheryl

    1. God is good. I was thinking about our men and women differences earlier today. He knew we needed to complement one another. And yes indeed, you are right, we are blessed to have the husbands we have.
      I love you too, Cheryl. ♥ Deborah


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