Thursday, October 3, 2013

Results of Poll: Did getting sick affect your weight?

For those of you who gained weight after you got sick, I wonder if you ever feel like the doctor thinks it is because you just don't know how to eat healthily.  How many of you feel likes he assumes that you got sick, because you got overweight?  

I have felt like this so many times; and it actually goes back to when I was a teenager, when being a tad over the weight charts was the guide for the doctor.  And, it was only a tad.  I remember my doctor telling my mother I needed to lose weight when I weighed 121 pounds with my clothes on.  This set me up for a life-long concern with my weight and what I ate.  

The truth is the real problem with weight set in after I was put on certain medications, and I was dealing with issues that were not being resolved.  That is why I did the poll.  Also, I am sure not being able to exercise as much as I used to do has an impact.  If I could do the things I love to do, I would;  but it is too painful.  After a while, one has to admit there is a new normal.  That is where I am.  

When I was younger and the arthritis was not such a problem, I was able to do a certain amount of exercise -- mostly walking and swimming.  Fibromyalgia did not prevent me from getting exercise;  however, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was  a whole new ball game.  That was the last straw, so to speak.  All this is coming from a ballet dancing, swimming, rowing, fishing, jogging, skating, hiking, tennis playing, gardening, and skiing enthusiast.  I like horseback riding too.  I don't suppose there has not been much I did not want to try, except for sky diving..  I even enjoyed the weights in the gym.  Sigh...  

This must be about 1982 of 1983.  My husband graduated from seminary in 1984.
These were precious years, and I would not trade them.    I loved being a wife and mommy.
Unfortunately, I was already having health problems, even though I looked healthy.  But I was the
old-fashioned, I am going to do  this and push through the pain.  After all, it was my job!
However, that does not mean I am giving into being an unhealthy eater.  In fact, I think many of us do struggle a little bit more when we eat too much sugar.  Also, there are the people who have gluten intolerance.  I'm not expert on that.  I think the key for most people is finding their best fit.  I know mine is a moderate low carb diet with healthy fats.  When I do this, I lose about one pound a week, as long as I don't end up depressed and eating emotionally for some reason.  

Now, for the poll results -- here they are.  Respondents were allowed to answer more than one question.  I am not great at statistics, even though I took a course that  involved statistics and probability.  Maybe, you know the old saying about you don't use it, you lose it.  I am just reporting.

37 people responded.  
30 (81%) checked I gained weight.  
3 (8%) checked I lost weight
And 20 (54%) checked It's harder to lose weight than before I was sick.

If you want to check the results for yourself, I am moving the poll to the bottom of my blog.

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