Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Prioritizing the Things You Do

First of all, I promise you, I am resting.  Since I posted my earlier article today, I have made a doctor's appointment, rested in the bed, gotten dressed, and eaten a snack.  I even weighed.  Now, that information I am not sharing.  I did not like the  number.

Sometimes, when I'm running on empty, I need inspiration.  I had looked for a matrix of 4 organization points, which I have used in the past to send to a friend.  However, it all dealt with business, etc.

Since I'm feeling a little "brain-dead"  right now, I thought it would be easier to share one that dealt with house work that someone else had written.

I know the matrix of 4:  urgent, not urgent, important, not important; because, I have used it in the past.  I figure sharing articles that inspire me are going to help you too.  This explains a matrix that you can use to prioritize activities.  It is very simple, and you should not put too much on it. You can make one on your computer or you can draw it on a piece of paper in your little notebook.

I prefer to make a new one everyday, and I think that would be good for me, because I have been a little bit of a work-a-holic lately.  And in my break, I want to prioritize for what I need to do now.   Let me add, if you don't want to shift for the Principle of Three.  That is OK.  I like the working in 3's too;  however, I understand some of the new Ipad apps for prioritization are using the Urgent, Important, Not Important categories.   Sometimes, changing up, freshens the way we think about doing things and works better.  By the way, I would add getting dressed as urgent or important, because my day seems to go better when I dress.

One thing I want to empathize is that you will have to adapt this to your illness and what you are able to do.  Remember Christine Miserando's Spoon Theory.  We only have  a certain amount of those, so one of our main priorities should be to relax when necessary.  

So here is the link to the article I told you about.  I am going to have to read it more than once, as I apply it, because of my foggy brain at this time.  In fact, I just found this blog.  I don't know much about it, but it looks interesting.  I just wish I had time to apply all the interesting things I learn.  

Simplify your life

 {Week fifteen: Time management – priorities}

Enjoy, and at least we don't have to take a magical pill to do this Matrix.  Remember the movie.  Love you all.  And, I promise to post no more than daily clutter posts in my journal.

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