Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ugh?  Have I gone cave-woman?  Lost my voice?  Ugh!????!!!!  Please forgive me my moment of frustration.  Remember, I am in the process of learning to balance life changes too; and sometimes, it feels like a lopsided juggling act.  If you are doing this, than we are doing it together.  So feel free to join me in the process by adding comments to my blog. 

Ugh?  I guess I am simply trying to inject humor into the fact that I FEEL DONE IN.  Excuse me for shouting.  I haven't accomplished all my goals for today.  My leg hurts from my hip down to my foot.  Yet, I still feel at peace, because God is in this with me.  He has shown me ways to accomplish what I need to get done.   I have peace instead of frustration, because I know I can take a break if I need it.  I can attack my To Do List after I have rested. 

I may be cleaning slowly, but that is alright.  When one is disabled, one has to adapt to the situation. 

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