Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too Hot to Handle? Blocked?

I have promised myself I am going to write this blog for the 31 days I followed FlyLady's 31 Beginner's Babysteps.  However, I have deleted and started this article more than 4 times.  I love the days my blog seems to write itself:  on those days, the words seemingly flow onto the page. But today, getting started writing and getting started doing anything around the house seemed to follow the same dismal path.  I was blocked on writing, and I was procrastinating on getting my day started well -- other than eating breakfast or brunch,  which I seldom skip.  I hate feeling stuck, like I can't climb up out of the muck.

One of the cool things about using FlyLady's 31 Beginner Babysteps is that one small step tends to lead to another one. I may not be well enough to clean my house in one fell swoop, but I can peck away at it, little by little.  I didn't start first thing after I got up, but I don't have to fall into the rut that paralyzes perfectionists--the if you aren't going to do it perfectly, don't do it at all syndrome.  My Day 6 assignment was to practice putting my Hot Spot out for two minutes.  I didn't have to do more than 2 minutes, even if my cluttered spot was still messy.  Also, I was to continue doing the prior assignments (I'm building habits!)  What is a Hot Spot?  It's place in your home or office where things begin to pile. These hot spots seem to attract more objects:  clutter attracts clutter.  Mine multiplies into more than one Hot Spot; and that clutter is going to be thrown away, put away, or given away-- one piece at a time. This is a healthy step towards balancing my life

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