Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whew! Relief - Day 3 - Do it again.

     I would like to preface today's blog with why I am using the first person I, rather than the second person you.  I am telling you things that have been helpful for me; and I know from the testimonials I have read, that many people have benefited from FlyLady's methods.  However, I would not deign to tell you what to do.  You know your situation and you need to do what is appropriate for  your particular needs.  One of the things I have adapted to my needs is FlyLady's rule about wearing lace-up shoes.  I do this on days I have to be on my feet for an extended amount of time, but it is not the most practical thing for me.   I have to rest often, with my feet up, so lace-up shoes tend to be inconvenient.

     Since I am dealing with more pronounced pain and fatigue today, I am relieved that my assignment is to "do what  [ I ]  have already done."  My assignment has gone well thus far, and I improved on yesterday's assignment by getting dressed as soon as I got out of bed.  I am so proud of myself, because that is not something I have ever felt inclined to do.  I have always eaten breakfast in my night clothes and gotten dressed afterwards. 

Getting dressed in the morning or any time of the day gives me a lift.  I have noticed this in previous campaigns to makeover myself and my habits.  It is easy to stay in pajamas when I have no expectations of going somewhere that day, or if I don't expect anyone to visit.  And I don't think there is anything wrong with spending the day in pj's.  I just know I tend to feel better about myself if I make the effort, and I usually get more done around the house.  I also go outside more when I get dressed.  If I have a day that clothes feel uncomfortable, I have a mumu and a lounging dress, which are loose but attractive.  I can take the dog outside and greet visitors without embarrassment.  If I get "caught"  on a pj day; then, I remember I am ill and others will just have to deal with it.  However, I don't want to go back to days and to weeks of not getting dressed.  I know "dressing to the shoes" is better for me mentally, because it helps me to feel ready for the day.

Today, part of my assignment is too spend time looking over Big Tent, the platform FlyLady uses to send out her emails.  Since I already subscribe, as well as being a part of the FlyLady group on Facebook, I feel like I have a head start.  I will read some testimonials and see what is going on, and I might play a little FlyLady Bingo, which has been a fun way to get myself motivated. 

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