Friday, July 22, 2011

Sidetracked or Simple? Day 4

I can see a small girl sitting in class, her face alight with the joy of learning new things; and then, her teacher starts enumerating and complicating the lesson.  All of a sudden, the little girl's brow knits and she draws back into herself, afraid she will have to answer a question about a subject she really doesn't feel certain she understands.  She wants to give the perfect answer, because perfection seems to please all the adults she knows.  Only, the small girl understands, she does not have all the right answers.  She can feel the jumbled feelings inside of her, the butterflies of nervousness that come with being unsure.

 Life is not simple:  it gets complicated, as this young girl discovers quickly.  All she wants to do is please.  Her mother tells her to pick up her mess, and she has no idea where to start, so she keeps on playing, taking another toy out.  Feelings of frustration build, because she wants everything to be neat, but doesn't know where to start.  Her mother did not make it simple; and, she yelled, because the mess was still there.

I am so glad that FlyLady doesn't yell.  She is gentle with us grownup girls and boys.  I readily admit that at fifty-nine years old the little girl wanting to please is still here.  Only, I know now that I am doing this to please me too.  I honestly don't think all mothers know how to get their children to do things in small increments; otherwise, I probably would have learned that myself before I was grown. I had plenty of role models, but I only learned to jump in and spend a whole day cleaning.   I learned to apply the theory of working in small segments of time in college.  And I loved college, because I love to learn and I was unafraid (most of the time).  Now, I am studying how to have a clean house in small segments of time.  I have learned cleaning can be fun, easy, and simple.

My lovely  bed, made imperfectly.  Look how clean the table is.

I thought Day 4 would add another chore.    By the way, I am dressed, wearing sandals, and I have a cute headband in my hair today.  My bed is made, and I haven't even gotten to that Day yet.  And I did not spend two hours writing my blog today. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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