Monday, July 18, 2011

Released from Perfectionism - Day 1 - Shine my Sink

Most of us know how to clean house and keep our lives in order; but, knowing and doing are two different things.  I know how to make it look like I know how to do keep the house clean when I am backed into a corner, but I have never ever done it perfectly.  Even when I get the FlyLady routines down, I don't expect to do it perfectly.  In fact, I feel released from perfectionism.  I am just going to do what I can, and I am not going to let myself worry about doing it perfectly.  I am going to enjoy The Process.  Also, I will do things on my job list, and continue to nurture the attitude of "enjoying the process", while reestablishing my routines and clearing the clutter.

The important thing is to remember to take baby steps and rest when needed.  I am not going to worry about being behind or what I have not done.  I will concentrate on what I can do.  

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