Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday Skip a Day

Have I have quashed the perfectionist in me for good?  Probably not -- but, I am writing this blog, and I did not do Day 6 of FlyLady's Beginner Babysteps

Instead, I have been trying to select the perfect e-card, read my email, and do one load of laundry
My Puppy 
 I also mended Puppy Dog's stuffed toy, which means I pulled the stuffing out,
 and closed the hole.  Puppy dog got Toy open, made a new hole, put her nose in it; and she started pulling more stuffing out of Toy's legs.  I didn't expect that one at all.  This dog is smart and determined.       She has to tear up her toys, pulling out the stuffing and the squeekies.  So now you know something about my dog, who is still a puppy and has been a blessing to our family.  She is very good company and quite the cuddler.  Of course, she is going to need to be trained that she is not a true lap dog;  however, that may be a useless bit of work.  I have never had a labrador retriever that thought she wasn't a lap dog.

It's Saturday and I would like to give myself relief from Sunday morning stress.  I wish I could get ready on Saturday night and go to bed in my clothes.  Then all I would have to do on Sunday is eat breakfast, take my medicine, brush my teeth and walk out the door.   I love the Sunday mornings I have gotten my things together ahead of time.  I don't have to make decisions about what to wear, or hunt for things I need at the last minute.

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