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Oops! I Forgot I Was Having Friends Over

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Have you ever forgotten you were going to have out of town visitors, whom you had not seen for years?  Not only had you not seen them for years, they were the kind of friends that were like a sister and a brother.  Moreover, to top the fact you did not remember they were coming -- you had invited them for a meal.  

Yep!  I did forget!  I couldn't believe I did that.

When my friends called on New Years Eve to say they would be here for lunch, there was no way I was going to say, "You can't come over, because  I momentarily forgot you were coming.  So sorry I've been in pain all week and I haven't done much in the house.  Oh!  I've had brain fog too.  Even though I haven't seen you for 13 years,  it just slipped my mind.  Brain fog, post Christmas lag, and mind-numbing pain have been my nemesis the last few days." 

Last year, I would have been full of anxiety and embarrassment over the state of my home.  I would have looked forward to their visit;  yet, I would have dreaded it at the same time.  However, last night, I was excited and I was calm.  The house was clean enough, except for one room:  the dining room, which is also my work room.   By the way, it would have been clean if I had not been tired and in pain before we left to visit our children and their families for Christmas.
Christmas Projects and
Last Minute Wrapping Station

What a relief!  There was only one room that absolutely had to be cleaned:  and, I wasn't feeling guilty over all the things I had not done, because I am learning to be successful at cleaning and getting rid of the clutter in baby steps.  One room was doable!  I would not feel rushed.

If you are wondering why I am telling you about my near mishap, it is because I did not get to this point overnight.  It took me three and a half years to get to the point I am now.  Learning new ways of doing what was easy before you were sick takes time and perseverance.  It also takes time to find out what works for you, not to mention overcoming flares and relapses along the way. 

Teens' Table
Yesterday, there was
wrapping paper
and bows in this area.

Finally, these are 6 things that made my job easier today:

  • I have steadily gotten rid of the clutter in my house for three and a half years.  Last year, I decided to declutter 365 items, one for every day of the year and I kept a journal listing those things.
  • Two major habits of the month have made keeping the clutter out of the rooms in our house simpler, especially in the living room and the area around my recliner:  1)  Never leave a room empty-handed.  2)  Declutter your "hot spots" for 15 minutes every day.  Click on this link for FlyLady's Definition of "Hot Spot."
  • My bathrooms were clean.  I spiffed them up with a quick squirt of toilet cleaner and using the brush in the toilet bowl.  Also, I wiped the sinks, counter tops, and toilet seats with a handy disposable germicidal wipe.  Hint:  Wear a disposable glove to protect your skin from harsh chemicals.  Rubbing alcohol on folded toilet tissue paper also works  in a pinch for a quick swipe in the bathroom.   
  • Make the bed every day with a coverlet or comforter that is easy to pull up to the head of the bed.My DH gets up before I do and pulls his side up, and he puts the pillow with the pillow sham on top of his pillow.  When I get up, I pull my covers up on my side and put the pillows in their proper places.  If I am feeling well extra neat, I go over to my hubby's side and smooth the covers.  
  • Planning ahead for today's menu made my job easier.  I had planned a slow cooker meal, and all I had to do was double it.  (My sweet DH went to the grocery store and bought two more cans of black-eyed peas.)  Maybe, I should start a file of easy recipes and always keep those ingredients on hand.
  • I let my sister-friend help me make the salad and put assorted beverages on the kitchen counter;  moreover, she knew what her family liked.  Their three teenage  children were visiting too.  Plus, we got in a little bonus girl time. 

Hosts' and Parents' Table

We had a wonderful visit, and we had time to sit in the living room after we ate to visit with the entire family in the same room.  Everyone was included in visiting and talking;   moreover, I think our "niece and nephews"  enjoyed our time together too.

P.S.  When you have a guest that is not feeling well, having a clean bedroom for him or her to lie down is a bonus.  Yes, that happened too;  and, he was able to take a nap.  All I had to do was pull the covers back, and our friends' oldest could lie down with no hassle, no clearing the bed.  I could not have done that a year ago on short notice.       

Tomorrow or Friday, I will share some easy recipes with you, including our slow cooker meal for today.  I have promised to share  this recipe with our friends, who visited today.

Any appearances of perfectionism was unintended.  We did not even vacuum the carpet or sweep the porch.  I still had an unpacked suitcase in my bedroom and a clothes basket with clothes in it.  The house was reasonably clean.  

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  1. I am so proud of you. I have been with you on your journey,and know how difficult it was for you to get to where you are today. Keep going in the same direction my dear friend. So very, very, happy for you.


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