Friday, January 31, 2014

Stop bugging me influenza!

If you wonder where I have been this week, it is in bed or in the recliner.  The flu bug hit me with all of it's nasty exhaustion and upper respiratory symptoms.  My eyes have been a mess.  The skin around them hurts.  The weird thing is I am not as achy as I was last time I had the flu:  that was about 18 years ago.  

I have been taking a writing break;  and, it is probably a good thing since my brain is mush at the moment.  Flu and sinus headaches do something to my creativity.  

I could think up suggestions for jobs around the house;  but since I do them with you, I would feel so fake.  Or maybe, it is because I cannot imagine doing anything right now.  

If you want me to come up with some ideas for next week, let me know.  

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