Sunday, January 5, 2014

Early Winter Report, 2014

Dear Readers,


I have been thinking of you off and on today, wondering how you are faring with the cold and dampness that  has invaded so many of our homes this winter.  I know this is common for those of you, who live where it snows;  and, it seems that many of us, wherever we are, north, south, east, or west find ourselves in pain during harsh weather or even mild weather changes.  I myself feel like the cold has gone bone deep.

My body does not seem to realize it is supposed to be warm when I have thick socks on my feet, and I have layers of clothing on my body.


After falling asleep so many times I lost count  yesterday (no pain medication) not  even NSAID's.   Was I catching up?  I actually slept through the night after getting up to use the bathroom;  then,  the dog woke me up with her barking at something outside.  Lucky me!  I have won the prize today;  knees that unbelievably painful today and fingers so affected by buzzy nerves and numbness, I am typing like only a few fingers work today.  It sure doesn't feel like they work, and I make more mistakes.  MAYBE,  tomorrow is the day to make a doctor's appointment.  Internist, orthopedist, or chiropractor?  Which one or the latter two?

Did I mention the Fibromyalgia pain?   That's pretty bad, along with the neck pain.  No fun, at all.

Need I say more?

Well, Yes!  I still have Faith.

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