Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Heart of the Home: Finishing for the Present and Moving On

It seems that the more I get reorganized in my kitchen, the easier it gets.  Last week, I didn't get every single job done I wanted to do, because I ran out of energy.  The neat thing is I was able to maintain what I did. Moreover, I have continued to do small jobs in the kitchen that lead toward better organization.

I have to admit that I sometimes think when I start taking pictures of this old kitchen in the house I rent, the thought will occasionally come to me that there are probably people looking at these pictures, who have modern, gorgeous kitchens. I have had very nice kitchens, one with granite counter tops and tiled walls, but when it got messy and unorganized, it became hard to clean and unpleasant to work in.  However, the point is not that you have a fancy kitchen with the walls freshly painted or beautifully tiled, but that you have a kitchen you can have ready to work in every day, whether you cook that day or not.  

I wish I could promise my kitchen will not ever get out of hand again, but the truth is that I am on a journey.  And there are those times, I have a relapse or flare-up.  I would like to say this will never happen again, but it has happened too many times in the past few years for any guarantees.  But maybe--just maybe, this time will be different.  I have learned I don't have to give up.  I might be down for a while, but every time I start getting my house back in order it seems a little simpler.  It is true I hit bumps in the road, but that's to be expected.  The point is not giving up.  Moreover, I believe that as long as I keep getting rid of the clutter and organizing better, I will see great improvement in my ability to keep the house reasonably clean.  I want our home to be our own personal bed and breakfast.  When we walk in, it will not only be home, it will be a delight, a place to rest, work, and play.

Lastly, just a word is due about my kitchen cart.  When I had my hip replacement, the literature I was given suggested getting a kitchen cart so I could gather together the things I needed for food preparation and push them to the area I wanted to work.  This was an absolute lifesaver, and it has given me more work space in a much smaller kitchen than which I am accustomed.  Last week, my cart was full of unnecessary clutter.  Here it is now.

Everyday, for a week, I have done small jobs to get the kitchen in shape.  It's not exactly where I want to be.  I want to do some inexpensive home improvement jobs.  However, it is time to talk about other subjects and other rooms.  Later, I can come back to the "extra special" work in the kitchen.  God bless you all as you continue making your house a home.

Love and Prayers going up, 

Deborah Bolton

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