Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cleaning the Heart of the Home -- Part 4

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How does it feel to cook in a clean kitchen?  Does seeing the counter and sink cleaned off encourage you to continue the process?  Do you feel a little more energized when you go in your kitchen?  I do.  However, I have also felt the pain from the work I did.  That goes with the territory when you have Fibromyalgia.  In fact, I have not done as many things as I would like to do in the house, but that goes with the territory of being ill.

Despite all that, I feel encouraged.  Just seeing the progress in the kitchen tells me I can do this somewhere else.

There are a few areas I have not mentioned in the last few days' cleaning hints.  However, if you are like me, you are going to have to make choices concerning what is most important to do in your kitchen and other areas of your home.  There are times we have to draw a line and stop, so we can go on to another area of the house.

For the purposes of finishing your cleaning of the kitchen I am going to give you a list of things that can be done in one, two, or three days.  What you do depends on the condition of your kitchen, your time, your pain levels, and your energy levels.  The key to pacing your self is knowing when to rest and when to be physically active.  

Cleaning Hints for Today:  The Kitchen

  1. Continue the daily process of unloading your dishwasher and dish drainer. (I admit to not always putting away the few dishes in the dish drainer after they have air dried.  Then, I am forced to do so when I don't have any place to put something I have just washed.)  
  2. If you have a table, cutting block, or kitchen cart -- it is time to throw away, give away, and put away everything that doesn't belong there.
  3. Don't forget to wipe your counter tops and wipe out your sink. 
  4. Omit cleaning the oven, even if it is a self clean oven.  This should be done in cold weather, rather than overheating your house.  Cleaning the oven, no matter what kind you have takes a great deal bending, reaching, and sometimes getting on your hands and knees.  This is a one thing a day job or a shared job (get someone to  help you).  If you do the oven, spread it over several hours.  Who said you have to wipe every surface of the oven out all at once?  That might be what you prefer, but you are less likely to end up with pulled muscles and misery if you spread out the extended movement of your body.  This has to be met according to personal preference and physical ability. 
  5. Cleaning the top of your refrigerator can be dicey if you have trouble with balance or arthritis.  However, something that helps keep the top of the refrigerator clean is using a duster with a long handle.  I am particularly fond of Swiffer long handled dusters.  Please be cautious about climbing on step stools, but if you still do that:  dust the top of the refrigerator first.  Then, use a spray cleaner and wipe it off.  If you cannot reach the very back of the fridge, you might consider wrapping a rag around something with a long handle.  This is a good job to do when someone else is home.  (Hint:  put your cleaner on top of the fridge before you climb on the stool--if that is how you plan to clean your refrigerator.)  Caution:  if you get shaky or dizzy, just dust the top of the refrigerator and leave the spray cleaner to someone else.  You should not be climbing on step stools or chairs.
  6. Sweep or vacuum the floor.  
  7. Mop the floor.
The last two jobs (#6 and #7) can be divided up into two days.  However, it is logical to sweep then mop.  Don't worry about baseboards or wiping cabinets. You can do that next week.  You have been working hard.  You deserve a break! 

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