Saturday, September 28, 2013

Inspired to Clean My Refrigerator -- Finally!

Does your refrigerator get so crowded, that you forget to use leftovers before they get moldy?  Do you ever get frustrated when you are trying to locate something you're sure you have in the refrigerator?  And what about the ghastly crumbs and whatnot that seem to  mysteriously spread themselves in full sight of whomever opens the refrigerator?  After all, it's not as if anyone purposely drops crumbs and dried flakes of milk and veggies on the inside of the fridge.

The crumbs have never been much of a bother to me.  I would do a quick wipe of the refrigerator in the worst places;  and, I would clean it up later when it was low on the food that spoils most quickly.  I have always loved getting the refrigerator drawers absolutely clean.  There is satisfaction in a job well done.

However, it can be extremely fatiguing to take on the fridge.  After all, one usually wants to do it quickly to keep it from getting too warm inside.  I wonder if you are like me, knowing you are ready to rearrange the refrigerator;  however, you procrastinate until the mood hits you.

Yesterday, my DH did the grocery shopping for me, and the optimal time for cleaning the refrigerator was right there in front of me.  It was practically empty, and I decided to take the plunge.  First, I removed items, because I wanted to wipe off the shelves and change them around.

Can you see the crumbs I was talking about?
 I have seen worse, but one might as well clean them up.
It's easy to do.  A little bit of baking soda and warm water
does the trick.  And, I always dry it with a towel afterwards.

I have a mop handle holding the right door open.  The door backs into a wall when open and closes if I don't prop it open. 

My primary objective was to make things easier to see;  therefore, I raised the deli-drawer.  I kept losing things underneath it.  If I put it on the right, it is hard to pull out. However, I'm short, so it was always hard to see the deli-meats.  I like to see what I want without having to stand on my tip toes or lift everything.   

I think I solved the problem.  
Now, the drawer is high, but all it has in it is bacon and fresh meat.  The blue basket underneath may not look like the best container for luncheon meats and cheese, but it was handy.  I already had it, so I drafted it to use for those items.  Now, my husband can take that entire basket and put on the counter if he wants to make himself a sandwich.  Furthermore, I can see what kind of fresh meat I have and I don't have to worry about drips.
Before, I would leave the meat in the plastic bag, which hid what was in there.

I will try this for a while and see how I like it.
Hopefully, this will be more convenient for everyone.  

In my final picture, you might note that everything on the door shelves look pretty much the same.  I did not wipe those off, because I could feel my body winding down;  and, I still had groceries to put away.  Below, is my final picture.

P.S.  If you are wondering why I do not keep the milk and orange juice on the door shelves, it is because the manufacturer recommends keeping such things 
on the inner shelves of the refrigerator.  That part of the refrigerator is supposed to stay colder.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  I'm getting hungry.  I think I will get a yogurt out of our fridge.  Let's see that is on the second shelf on the right hand side.  Yum...I love this Greek yogurt.

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