Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cleaning the Heart of the Home - Part 3

Rubbermaid Expandable Organizer

Today, I started working in the kitchen drawers, because I got an idea for rearranging them from a magazine.  Also, I had visited my sister, and she had utilized a plastic receptacle like one of mine a little differently.  My cooking utensil drawer also needed straightening, so I decided to make some changes.  I pulled the old switcheroo:  my husband just loves tolerates that.   Cheerfully, he said, "I know you're feeling better when you start reorganizing."  I'm not suggesting you switch items in your drawers;  but every once in a while, it is nice to take the utensils out and wipe out the organizers and the drawers.  I am always amazed at how a drawer that is usually closed gets crumbs, hair, and drips, but it happens.

Cleaning Hints for Today: The Kitchen 
  1. If you have not finished cleaning off counters,  you need to work on that today.  Use the directions from yesterday for that. 
  2. Unload the dishwasher.  
  3. Load the dishwasher and hand-wash the things that cannot go in the dishwasher.
  4. Wipe out your sink and wipe the counters.
  5. Remember, you should work in 15 minute increments or less.  
  6. Rest.
  7. Look at your kitchen and decide if anything needs to be reorganized.  Aim for one drawer or cabinet a day.  I did three drawers today with breaks in between, because I was switching items into different drawers.  I ended up with some things sitting on a counter without having decided where to put them.  If I have enough energy, I will finish after dinner.  If not, I will finish tomorrow. 
This is a Rubbermaid Organizer with
a sliding section on top.  You can
also lift the top off the bottom section.

*Note:  This is a good time to get rid of the clutter.  Utilize the principle of throw away, give away, put away.  If you have not used an item in a year, it is likely you won't use it.  However, I know there are items you only use a few times a year.  You might want to put these things in their own drawer or shelf, rather  than with your everyday utensils.

It's easy to see your cutlery, even
with a "second story."

Top section.
Bottom Section:  I still have room.
Room for a few items on the side,
 outside the organizer.

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