Friday, April 19, 2013

Focus and Distraction - Controversy? REally?

Oh no!  Did I do that?
Wow!  I did not expect my last post on Learning to Balance Life Changes to be a tiny hotbed of controversy.  I shared my last post on a couple of pages I frequent on a certain popular social media site, and someone felt spammed.  And I am so sorry.  I am not that computer savvy, nor do I have the desire to be a pest.  I don't like spam either.  And I would message someone or delete the post, rather than report it as spam;  unless, it was an obviously computer generated robot or it was objectionable, rude, crude content.  And I have to admit to having hidden some things that came into my page, because I don't like the language that some people consider acceptable.  But I certainly don't want to burn bridges to my friends.

If I post anything, it is to add to the conversation on the same general or specific subject;  and, I do it to be helpful.  For instance, yesterday, I thought what I posted might help someone see how I worked my problem, which was totally a part of my chronic illness.  I worked the problem by praying about something over a period of time.  However, I felt like I was near a breaking point, so I prayed again;  and, I finally had my answer.  I don't see that as a problem in dealing with chronic illness.  I see prayer as a plus.  That means you are giving it to God, instead of spending all your waking hours stewing over something. 

I am not having brain fog issues right now;  however, for a few moments, I wondered when I found my blog post removed from my own pages.  Well, now you may have guessed the social media; so I guess it is alright to say Facebook.  I think they do a lot of spam checking by automatic computer programs, so it is possible that the unnamed Page marked it as spam.  Isn't it amazing one can have that power on Facebook?  

People worry about stuff that gets on their personal pages. We can say no to things we don't want on our personal pages and our professional or wellness pages.  Also, it is good to let a friend know (in a nice way) if there is something objectionable coming from their page to yours.  Some accounts get phished (I think that is the right word).  Don't assume that something you see from a friend is actually from them, if it isn't in character.  I don't think we have to be afraid that will happen if we are careful about using passwords that are mixed with capitals, numbers, etcetera.  

I do think this blog should share some articles on handling Focus and Distraction.  The last article was one way to handle these kinds of problems.  And for the problem I was dealing with, that is what worked best for me.  
Sometimes, when that beast, brain fog, attacks, I have to also find other ways to manage.  So if you got cued wrong, I apologize.

Finally, I will never apologize for my faith in Jesus Christ.  I do pray about most things;  moreover,  I have made it plain from the very beginning of this blog, I will be talking about how my Faith is an important part of balancing my life changes.  And I whole-heartily recommend it to everyone.


  1. Good for you!

    I don't think I've ever reported anything as spam. I too tend to hide things that I find objectionable, realizing that we all have different levels of tolerance.

    Anyway, I just wanted to offer a word of encouragement.


    1. Karen, thank you for the encouragement. This story has a happy ending for me. The Page that had deleted my post was a Fibromyalgia page that I read quite a bit, and the moderator wrote me a message on Facebook. She said she had deleted my post by mistake: that someone advertising a weight-loss product had posted on her page and it was right next to mine. I was invited to post my blog posts whenever they relate to the conversation.

      Also, I am very glad Facebook has spam filters or I would not have a page on there. I am also very happy that Blogger has excellent spam filters as well.

      :) Deborah


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