Friday, January 16, 2015

You do have time to have a shiny sink!

Working Smart Series - 2015

Today, I had a thought about shining our sinks.  Don't read this if you feel duty-bound to clean both of your double sinks at the same time.  However, if you are ready to be flexible and not likely to shine your sink every day anyway, I think you will like this idea.  And, your sink will look better.

I have a double sink, and I usually use a dishpan for the dishes I have to wash by hand.  Today, I was doing my thing, and as I gazed at the empty sink, I was appalled.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture.  It just looked gross to me.  Anyway, I emptied the little basket I keep in there, sprinkled some Bar Keepers Friend on the basket, both sides of it,  and sprinkled the sink.  I used a brush I keep for the basket job and I used a sponge that I am going to save for that job to do the rest of the sink.  

As I worked on my sink, I had the thought that I could come back and do the other half tonight after supper, after I had cleaned up any supper utensils that could not go in the dishwasher.  This idea is great for those who have energy issues, for busy people, who have other things they need to get done, people who have problems with staying focused, and for people who are not really enthused about cleaning.  This took me less than two minutes, maybe even less than one.  I suppose that depends on how dirty one's sink is.

About perfection

If you think you have to have absolute perfection, I want to remind you that my sink looks very nice after cleaning it, and drying it.  I was going to circle a tiny speck that was left, but I cannot see it in the picture.  If you live in an older home, like I do, then do not obsess about perfection.  It is counter-productive.  

Let's face it!  A clean home is nicer to live in than a dirty home, but we are never going to have perfection all the time.  Life is too short too drive yourself and your family crazy with that kind of thinking.  

My advice is to "Do the best you can!"  If you do that, you may be surprised how good your home looks by the end of 2015;  moreover, you may find your habits have definitively  improved.

Love you all and wishing you the best for 2015,

Deborah Bolton

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  1. I have an anodized sink. It's black and grainy. I don't have to worry about a shiny sink ever sgain, thank goodness. But then there is still the faucet...


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