Thursday, January 15, 2015

Changes and Challenges

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Wow!  What a ride I have had the last 7 months.  I am getting healthier and losing weight, but this brings its set of challenges too.  And, I have to admit that for me, it always includes cleaning the house.  But there are other things too, which I have not tried to express in writing;  therefore, I guess it is time to just make a list of those things that are considered in my daily living.

  • I'm busier, so I am having to reorganize how I schedule things.
  • I have had to give up some of the writing I used to do, because I have a job (Yes, being self-employed is still a job.  And,  you have to self-motivate.)
  • I am exercising now, because I can.  I started gradually, and I still am not a huge exerciser compared to what I was before I became sick;  however baby steps do count.
  • I still have to make sure I rest enough.
  • I still have underlying illnesses, but I have found ways to feel more well.
  • I thank God for answered prayer, but He took me through the desert before I saw the answer.
  • I keep turning corners, and saying, "Wow!  I couldn't do that last year."
  • I have learned to let criticism go, because I cannot please everyone.
  • I am trying to keep my Facebook page Chronic Fatigue and Creative Decluttering up and going, but it is hard to do everything I can do now, and have time to do that.  However, I know there are still people out there I want to stay connected with.  Also, they need encouragement, so when I go for my doses of encouragement in the area of decluttering, I share, even if it is not something I wrote. 
  • I am also sharing what has helped me feel better, but I know  that bothers some people.  I thought they would be happy for me, and want to know, because possibly it might help them too.  Because what helped me is non-specific as compared to a pharmaceutical;  and, by non-specific I mean it just helped my body find it's balance.  But, I guess some people just aren't ready to hear yet, like I was a year ago.
  • I am wondering if I should talk about other areas of Balancing Life Changes besides learning to organize one's home and life; or, declutter one's home and life.


  1. Happy to hear that you are better and found the cure for your situation. May God strengthened you all the way.

  2. Thank you, Joy. God has been strengthening me physically, and I have rejoiced in being able to do things I haven't done for several years. Most of all, I am thankful for being at worship on most Sundays and singing in the choir. This past Sunday, I was able to climb the stairs for Sunday School. For some strange reason, my class is on the third floor. I guess when it was started everyone was younger. Ha, ha!


It's always lovely hearing from you. xoxo, Deborah