Saturday, January 31, 2015

28 Days of Decluttering - Really?!

It's January 3, 2015, and I just realized I have to come up with 28 Days of Getting Rid of Clutter  that I actually had the audacity to share with you.  I even have invited you to join a 28 Day Challenge.  One good thing is I realize I have made some strides in organization:  I actually realized I had better think ahead on this thing, instead of doing it on the spur of the moment.  Now, comes the hard part--actually doing it.

28 Days.  I just perused my all of suddenly blank mind, asking myself where is the best place to start?  Is there a best place?  And, I think I have an answer, but I don't know if it will suit all of you.  However, I am going to hope that each day will have meaning for you, and I want you to know this is not an All or Nothing Event!  Idea!!!!  I am going to make an Event page on FB for this, so we can talk about it.  Alright, the plan is happening. Woohoo!

I just googled 28 Days Cleaning and came across "A Slob Comes Clean:  Decluttering."  I never call myself a slob, but I know I do not seem to be one of the "born organized" when it comes to keeping house.  And, I am good at organization, but I always have a problem with keeping it that way.  I learned to clean because company was coming over when I grew up, and it is hard to break the habit.  Thank goodness people come to visit me, or I would get to the point I feel guilty I didn't keep my house FlyLady clean.  I wonder if keeping things clean was one of the reasons Marla Cilley decided to write about it.  I know that teaching something helps me feel more like I have to Live what I am teaching.  

Do you ever ask yourself how you can get so busy with some things in your life, that you neglect others?  For me, that is what happens with cleaning house and keeping it clutter-free.  It doesn't matter how good I feel, so I cannot blame all of it on when I felt fatigued all the time.  I want to be neat and always ready for company, but I am a piler.  I have little piles here and there, then they attract more.  It would be nice to lick this once and for all, so I keep trying.

Maybe, that is the Key!!  Don't give up.  Believe you can become a person that has no problem keeping after the mess in the house, and make your home look good most of the time.  (I stuck some realism in there.  I still have a hard time believing anyone's house looks picture-perfect all of the time.)

The Plan

I will try to post here each day before the day in February that is listed.  So today, I will do another post for February 1.  I am trying to be there for all the time zones.  If you miss a day, just jump in where you are or pick up on the day you missed.  If it takes you a little longer than 28 days, that is okay.  The point is we are encouraging each other to do some cleaning in our homes.  If you tend towards getting so busy that you put off cleaning, you understand what I am dealing with.  Not that all my busyness is the best.  I need to organize that better too.

God Bless You!  I feel better now I am thinking how I can stay at least a week ahead on planning for this.

Come over to Chronic Fatigue and Creative Decluttering.  We are hoping to make 2015 a year of accomplishment in the areas of organizing that escape us at times.

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