Friday, January 23, 2015

Thoughts on What To Do With This Blog

Ya'll, that is Southern for you all, I think I might have to hang up the blog hat for this blog.  You see, I have a conflict.  I am better, because I found some vitamins that are working better for me.  I think the supplements are working so well for me, I want to share them with everyone;  however, I cannot do this on this blog, even though I started the blog during a time in my life, when I felt horrible most of the time.

So, please pray for me as I figure out whether I should keep on writing about cleaning and stuff like that.  I can always use help in that department.  After all, I grew up in a household with parents that went through the depression.  They learned to save just about everything.  At least, that is what I thought at the time.  Now, that there are shows about hoarding, I realize it could have been worse.  They might not have figured out places to hide all the stuff they saved.

Okay.  I am kidding a little, but seriously, I grew up in a time it seemed most adults truly believed in the old adage, "Waste not, want not."  The cool thing is that the present adult generation is in to DIY and making stuff out of junk--uh, uh, I mean "treasures."

So, I will let you know what I am going to do.  Also, I am going to change my comment settings, so you will have to work a little harder to comment.  I really am having to relearn how to manage my time, since I feel better;  so,  maybe I should be writing about that elsewhere.



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