Thursday, January 29, 2015

Much to Learn, Walking My Path

I thought I had given up writing this blog, but the truth is I still have much to learn.  I have had some good changes in my life, which include less pain and more energy;  however, I still have moments that I feel frustrated with myself.  Or, I may feel like I am just spinning my wheels, stuck.

Sometimes, we do not want to admit a less than perfect face to the world;  but, such is life.   We are imperfect people.

My goal for 2015 is to learn to "work smart." Most of the time, I am doing more, although I have had a week that even though it may look like I was getting things done when online, I have felt like my week at home was just Less than I wanted it to be.

In my enthusiasm, I wanted to make goals that were like other people's goals, because it had worked for them.  However, the goals I made have been more than I want or need to do right now.  I do not like admitting that;  but, it is best.  I still have a body that is healing.  How much it will heal, I do not know.  I am thrilled with the results so far;  however, my results include more than my body.  They include my spirit and my mind.

Personally, I have found small steps work for me.  Sometimes, leaps are necessary, but that does not mean I cannot break down what I do into steps that do not overwhelm or frustrate me.  I admit to have always been a person that wanted to Live Up To Other's Expectations;  however, I forgot that can sometimes get me in trouble.  I still have to be me and manage my time to work in my schedule and life.

So, please join me as I explore what is needed.  Maybe, something here will be important to you too.

Hugs, Deborah

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