Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are you a patient Patient?

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Hello Everyone.  I saw my doctor again yesterday, and I am now on an antibiotic for ear infections.  I have been a sick puppy.  I had a swollen sore throat that felt much worse than a CFS sore throat.  So maybe this is it -- me on the mend.  Thank you for all the sweet notes, thoughts, and prayers.  I am going to be trying to gradually slip back into a routine, and I hope to bring you all along with me. 

From time to time, people with chronic illnesses get viruses and other types of problems on top of The Chronic Illness, whatever yours happens to be.  It's not fun, and it can be discouraging to end up with illness on top of illness.  In fact, my immediate reaction used to be depression over such things.  It would make me frustrated and angry to have  setbacks, because  I knew it was always hard having to get back on track, which never fit my idea of what "being back" should look like.  What I found out is being angry or frustrated over having illness on top of illness does not help me get well any faster.  In fact, it makes recovery time drag even more. 

Yesterday, I wrote paragraph #1 and #2.  I suppose that was my first effort in getting back into routine;  however, I can tell you now that not much is going to happen in that area.  I am still sick, fighting infection, and my body has become weakened from all that.  I did surprise my DH last night by having spaghetti sauce on when he got home last night and the water gradually heating up for the pasta.  All he had to do was bring the water to a full boil for the pasta and cook a vegetable.  Otherwise, we would have had frozen dinners -- so glad we didn't.

Today, it is obvious that "normal" is not happening here very soon.  Therefore, I may as well make the best of it with the occasional quick cleaning of an area in the bathrooms or changing the sheets.  Dusting is absolutely out right now.  In fact, I will probably use a mask or bandanna to keep that dust out of my sinuses when I finally do it.  Quiet activities are hot around here now:  reading, watercolors and sketching, puzzles, and TV.  Going with the flow is the wisest thing for me.  

To return to what I was able to do before I got sick, I will have to take one baby step at a time.  From experience, I know it will not be possible for me to get back to my prior schedule at the same place I was.  It takes time to build lost muscle strength after a period of inactivity, as well as rebuilding energy.  I will have to work on some habits I have let go while I was sick.  That is just the way it is.  There is no point in berating myself or throwing negative thoughts in my path.  It will hinder, not help if I become obsessed with "catching up."

Final words:  it is tough when you are a mom who has a chronic illness.  I have to admit to wondering how you do it sometimes.  I realize that part of being a mom is doing things you don't feel like doing all the time.   However, having been a mom of three children, I do remember pushing myself because I had to.  Maybe, I am paying for that now:  I don't know.  When I had children at home, I was healthier than I am now.  It takes longer for me to get moving now -- that is fact.

Moms and grandmothers who are caring for grandchildren, how do you do it?  What basics of life come first in you to-do list when dealing with being sick yourself?  If you don't share, I will give you my picks in the near future;  however, I would love to hear from you.  If you do not want to leave a comment by name, email me at and let me know how to credit your email response in my blog:  example -- mom of 3, Birmingham, AL.


  1. What a great blog. It's a tricky one isn't it. I'm currently on my second round of antibiotics... it's just awful being sick on top of being sick. My children are 10 and 12 and one is sick with M.E. too. My tactics are to throw some vegetables and meat into the oven at some point in the afternoon so there is a roast dinner ready by dinnertime (and make sure there will be extras for the next day's lunch/dinner). I don't prepare the vegetables - I buy pre-washed potatoes and just bake them whole which makes life easier, and defrost things like peas or corn in the microwave to go with it while I'm in bed. At times like these I'm very thankful for my lovely hubby who goes grocery shopping and keeps things ticking over if need be, when he is home from work. Mostly I find I just have to rest to try to let the sickness pass, and, as with when my M.E. is particularly bad, my children come to bed with me for snuggles, or for help with homework, or to ask what snacks they can have - although I have to be careful not to give the virus to them too! I try to keep some element of laundry washing, as if I get too far behind it is hard to keep up - but quiet rest away from everything seems to be the best way to try to get through it really, and plenty of fluids... one of the hardest parts is just how miserable it makes us feel! Feel better soon. Warm hugs xx

    1. Thank you for these helpful hints. I must say I am getting ready for some of my own cooking, because my husband has been doing it since I have been ill. I supposes I am going to have to make a menu for the next shopping trip. It is a blessing to have a husband that will shop. I am so glad you have that too. XxOo


It's always lovely hearing from you. xoxo, Deborah