Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sinusitis and Barometric Pressure - Big Ouchy!

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Big Ouchy is the incorrect use of the word ouch, but that is exactly how I feel when my head feels about twice its size in the region of my sinus passages.  My head feels heavy, my neck hurts, my body feels like it is fighting something extra off, and  my brain doesn't even seem to work the same.  My eyes are getting blurry and my tummy feels slightly nauseated.  I begin to wonder if I could have a migraine and sinus pressure at the same time.  

Did I mention I checked the barometer?   And, it is falling.  My sinuses and the way I feel were my first clue to the change in barometric pressure, because any sinusitis I have is usually affected by this kind of a weather change.    

I know what this is:  it is a sinus headache in every sense of the word without relief so far.  However, I am working on it.
***I am not a medical professional;  therefore, you should always check with your physician before self-treatment.  I am only telling you how I am handling this situation for myself:  I am not prescribing a medical treatment.  

  • took 1200 mg guaifenesin (extended-release)
  • using Neilmed Sinus Rinse with boiled water (letting water cool to warm--I test carefully on my wrist, like a baby bottle)
  • taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory  pain reliever according to directions
  • hot compress is next (Feels like the sinuses are about to explode)
  • nice warm heating pad on the shoulders and neck are next
Do you ever have this happen?  Are you saying, "That's a silly question.  I have fibromyalgia, or I have chronic fatigue syndrome."?  Ooh!  I just had a totally, unscientific thought.  Does that mean I have had fibromyalgia ever since I was a teenager?  Considering I have had the symptoms that long: that is entirely possible.  Only, it used to be more endurable, except when the stupid sinus and headache pain hit.  By the way ladies, I have to tell you that I have found something good about menopause--no more heating pad every month for the menstrual pain.

I know I am digressing and wandering around;  but honestly, my brain feels fuzzier when I am in this kind of pain  and I only give a small flip about whether this is a grammatically perfect blog post at a time like this. 

OK.  It's saltine cracker time.  Can you feel my pain?  I actually would rather you didn't.  No one should have to endure headaches -- ugh!

By the way, if you have learned anything about me:  I do care about grammar.  I will probably peruse this later and start making changes.  It is so very difficult to rid oneself of the perfectionism trait, but as you can see  I am making strides.

Let me know about your sinus issues.  I am working on a couple of new things, and I will let you know if any of them work for me.

Love you guys, 



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  2. Thank you, Jennifer. Wow! I came over to my blog to write another post, and I saw your message. It made my day.

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