Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Relaxing Morning

How our puppy has grown!  She is
watching her master as he walks to work.
2 years ago

It's lovely sitting here on the loveseat recliner with my labrador retriever lying here, her shoulder snuggled close to my hip.  My coffee is steaming and the whole day is ahead of me.  

Some days, we fibromites have a few minutes or hours of respite from pain.  Sure, if you start putting pressure on our trigger points, which sometimes feels like our whole bodies, there is pain.  But to be able to sit or walk without nagging aches for even an hour is bliss.  

I have to admit it is a puzzle to me how in the evening, one can be in such intense pain, the whole body aches like it has the flu, but sometimes one wakes up and actually feels comparably comfortable the next morning.  One of the theories of why we feel pain more than the average person is that our brains and nerves make us feel pain more intensely.  However, as I sit here and realize there is a slight burn across my entire back, I think that I have learned to ignore much of the pain, because in some degree it is always there.

As I write, I am actually getting so relaxed that I'm falling asleep.  Maybe, it's time for a little nap, so I can have energy to get a few more things done today.  I like to take advantage of the sleepy moments too, since often I feel exhausted and sleep eludes me.  Have a lovely day.

Gentle hugs,


P.S.  After a tummy rub, our lab is lying on her back, asleep and dreaming.  She is my therapeutic dog:  petting her makes me feel good, and I smile.

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