Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Blues

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Hello, Dear Readers.  I hope your winter is going well.  Mine has been a little rough, but I am hanging in there with less depression than I have had other winters when the bottom seemed to drop out from under me.  My body does not like cold weather and the various changes in temperature, in barometric pressure, and living through dark, cloudy days.  Cold weather and dampness is particularly uncomfortable.

Do you have more pain and fatigue during frequent changes in weather or during the winter months?  Those of us with sensitivity to weather changes and temperature truly walk a balance beam:  we're too hot or too cold  -- dripping perspiration because we were too cold and turned up the heat, or we have feet that are cold even with thick socks.  There is actually a name for this condition:  dysautonomia which means one's autonomic nervous system does not regulate the body's homeostasis like it should.  Common sense probably dictates to most of us what to do to be more comfortable, but being a inquiring soul, I usually like to have more information.  Adrienne Dellwo wrote an excellent article on this subject.

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