Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Frozen, But Melting

Honesty, my policy of truthfulness to myself and others
Is not what I want to think about,
Because I will begin to doubt

Frozen in a sludge of half-desire to jump in and Be, 
I wonder how I manage to get to this 
Point of having to push myself to get anything done.

I know what to do, but since I kept falling asleep
Today, after an uncomfortable bout of intestinal flurries,
I seem frozen to my chair.

And I wonder if other people are like me, 
Sometimes frozen, sometimes bustling in flurries of useful activity, 
Sometimes only able to get one or two things done,
And that has to be enough.

At least I got dressed and combed my hair, 
But I never put on my shoes, 
My fuzzy, warm socks caress my feet,
Leave me feeling relaxed and comfortable.

So I will accept these moments, knowing when I'm patient,
I escape the ice that encapsulates me.
Each small chip in it brings me closer to the me I like best.
I don't have to get depressed and cut myself down.
As the ice melts, I move a little more.

Self, talk nicely to me.  I needed a break.
My eyes are closing again, as my fingers
Rest on the computer keys,
C's and brackets cover my page...

Where is that light load of laundry?


  1. You aren't alone. I don't have your maladies(is that the right word?),but, I do sit frozen to my chair and not do what I feel should be done. Don't be hard on yourself. Everybody has those days. My hubby would tell me to take my own advice. The light laundry gets heavy because there isn't much there and I say,"I'll do it at the end of the week when there is more. Then it is heavy!! We both need to learn not to beat ourselves up. Good post my friend!


It's always lovely hearing from you. xoxo, Deborah