Friday, January 11, 2013

A Very Late Flu Shot

Right now, I am wondering if I should listen to the news on television less;  because I looked at that big flu map of the United States with major red zones, and I decided  a mostly red map meant I had better get that shot.  So when I did my errands yesterday, I dropped in at my pharmacy and got that needle with flu vaccine stuck in my arm.  The shot arm is only sore when touched, but the rest of me feels like one big ache.  

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I probably would not have gotten that shot had I not watched the news.  However, my memory of having influenza in the mid-nineties made my decision easy, because I was very sick for about two weeks.  And it took a couple of months before the weakness really left me.  I may forget many things, but I doubt I will ever forget having influenza.  Early one morning, I noticed a strange achy pain in my big toe;  and when I woke up, I felt like I had been run over a few times.  My whole body hurt from head to toe:  I was nauseous, but I couldn't throw up.  I think I would have felt better if I had upchucked.  My fever skyrocketed and I am not prone to easily running a fever.  I had the respiratory symptoms, and I was very weak.  The flu is horrible, and it can be dangerous.  Even if one isn't going to die; at the time, you are sure it would feel better than being sick in that bed. 

Now, I am wondering how long is this flu shot going to make me feel like I have a mild case of the achy portion of the flu.  The only other symptom I have is fatigue.  Now, isn't that a big surprise?  Sarcasm intended.  This morning, I was so thankful my dog is good about not going to the bathroom in the house, because I couldn't drag myself out of the bed until noon.  And then, I had to have a hot shower to feel human.  Usually, getting her on the leash and out is my first priority, even if I have to wear pajamas, but not today.

Did you know that it takes two weeks for the flu shot to keep you from getting  influenza?  I read that last night, as I took two ibuprofen, which can dilute the  vaccination.  Guess what!  I am going to take my chances on whether NSAIDS can dilute the shot.  Even my fingers hurt.  Call me a wimp when it comes to constant, unrelenting pain, and I won't be insulted.  

It is very late in the season to get a flu shot;  but if you are thinking of it, here is a good article from one of my favorite Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue writers:  Flu Shots: Yes or No for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Adrienne Dellwo.

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