Monday, January 21, 2013

Finding Shoes for Our Arthritic Knees

One of the things I like about blogging is that it can be fun work.  Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day in my part of the USA, and I had  on a new pair of shoes, which I want to show you.  The special thing about these shoes is the research I did before I bought them.  I have bought many pairs of comfortable shoes, hoping that I would finally have the pair that made my feet or knees feel better.  However, I never did any research to find out what an expert doctor might actually say was best:  I thought I knew.

Last fall, I bought a pair of shoes from a popular shopping channel.  The commentators oohed an ahed over the height of the heel, the arch, and the way the shoes fit.  I bought it, started wearing it, and I almost always had to take them off, because my knees start hurting or hurting worse than before.  The shoe was everything the announcers on that show said, but it isn't what I read about on Web MD.  What was comfortable in the past does not always work for me now.  If the shoe is too soft, too stable, or too high, my knees feel horrible.

The shoes I found on sale at a local store were made by one of my favorite shoe brands.  I tested them for CUTENESS, for heel height, for length, for width, for arch support, and for flexibility.  This shoe style got an "A+."  I guess there really is nothing like trying on a shoe before you buy it;   because I tried on a similar shoe in another brand, and it didn't make the cut.  It would have for someone else's foot, but not for mine.  The whole size was a tad too short and the half size larger was too big.  

This past Saturday I gave my new shoes the test.  I took a walk in them, as I shot pictures around my neighborhood.  I got to become a short, plus-size model as my husband and I played photo-shoot.  It was fun figuring out poses and checking out the photographs later.  Don't you just love digital cameras?  Oh right!  I was talking about shoes.  They worked better than any I have except my flip-flops.  And they looked really cute with my casual-comfy outfit:  last years leggings from Walmart and a three or four year old hooded shirt from dressbarn. Don't you love it when buying your special colors means you can put a new "old" outfit together?  

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Guest photographer:  my husband.

Next post, I will show you the whole outfit.


  1. Wow! Nice feet covers. The photographer did an excellent job. My Mom wore that brand of shoes as she had arthritis in both knees. She always said they were very comfortable. I like the style you picked. They can be worn as dress or casual.

    1. Thank you. It is so nice to have a comfortable shoe on. I thought my others were comfortable, but these Do seem to be making a difference. I am totally amazed.

  2. Just discovered your blog and love the one on shoes. I also have fibro and arthritic knees. Love the shoes but cannot find a right sidebar info on the brand. Could you help me find that info. Thanks.

    1. It's on the top of the right sidebar with the title, "Comfortable Shoes." I'm glad you found this helpful, Carolyn.


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